Monday, 4 September 2017

Food I Have Been Loving This Week #19

Okay this might be one of the best food I have been loving posts yet, all because it involves Capri Sun! I just love them.
Capri Sun - I literally get obsessed with these during summer! To be honest I could have them all year round but for some reason I just want to buy them all the time when the weather is warm, they are just so refreshing. I try not to get them loads as they can be expensive and they are probably not the best thing in the world for you, but they just taste so good! I tried a new flavour recently aswell, orange and lemon I think? and that was insane! Capri Suns are just the best drink.

Salads - Whenever we get a little bit of warm weather, I get all the cravings for salad! I always try to add it to meals where I can anyway but in Summer especially I love having a big salad either for lunch or tea. I had a really nice lunch recently which was a cod fishcake with a big salad, a mint bean salad and also a bit of chorizo wholewheat pasta. It was delicious! I got the pasta and bean salad from Morrisons on a deal and they were both so good, I love things like that to add to a salad to make it a bit more interesting. It was such a filling meal but not too bad on calories, so I'll definitely be having it again soon.

Arancini - WHY I HAVE ONLY JUST TRIED THESE! OMG they are incredible. When me and George last went to a big Asda to do a shop we saw these and knew we had to try them. Since then I've been getting them every few weeks for us to snack on throughout the week and they are perfect to go with lunches. This pack is just risotto rice and mozzarella in a crispy coating and they are just amazing.

Go Ahead Dips - I noticed these when I was last doing our food shop online and as they were only £1 I thought I would pick a pack up and they would be good to have in as a little sweet treat. They were 4 in a box so we got through them quick but they were so nice. They are basically just like those chocolate dips you can get with a pot of mini breadsticks in (I used to be obsessed with the white chocolate ones) but the only difference is that this one has a salted caramel dip. They are such a good little snack to have during the week and the dip is so so good. I'll definitely be getting them again and I'm sure they do another flavour too which I'll have to try and find.

M&S Prosecco Jellies - I spotted these on Instagram recently and I was determined to get my hands on some. I absolutely love a glass of prosecco so give me prosecco flavoured sweets any day! They were £3 for a smallish box but to be honest they were worth it and just nice to have on a Saturday night. They are from the summer range so I'm not sure how long they'll stick around but I definitely want to get another box at some point. I actually think they'd make a cute little extra gift for someone if you know anyone who loves prosecco and has a birthday coming up!

Homemade Meatball Subs - Lastly I had to mention the delicious Meatball Subs that me and George decided to make a few weeks ago. I love a good subway but very rarely have it so I thought why don't we make our own? We got some Asda extra special meatballs, some baguettes and an american meatball marinara sauce, also from Asda which was incredible. After cooking the meatballs we just added them the sauce which we had been warming up for a while, then we added them to the warm baguettes. They were so filling but so tasty. I can't even explain how good the sauce was. Honestly amazing.

Have you tried any of the things I've mentioned recently? What food have you been loving over the last few weeks?

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