Thursday, 26 October 2017

A Few Of My Bath Essentials & Favourites

Bubble baths for me are just such a favourite and something I look forward to most days at the moment! I find a bubble bath solves most things and over the last week I've been absolutely full of cold so I've been having multiple baths in the hopes it would help. When it comes to having the perfect bath, there are a few things I like to use so I just thought I'd write about them!

Bath Bomb & Bubble Bath 

If I'm in need of a pamper or a relaxing hour or two, then a hot bubble bath is perfect. I've always been a lover of a proper boiling bath full of wonderful products, and when I was at uni and only had a small shower, I missed them so much! Once we moved into this flat I knew I would never take a simple bath for granted again! For me, the perfect bath usually has a bit of radox in, the sleep easy one and the muscle soak are my favourites, and sometimes a bath bomb. The most recent one I've used is the Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb from Lush which looked beautiful in the water and had a beautiful scent but wasn't one of my favourites. I do love using a bath bomb though as the majority of them contain ingredients which leave your skin feeling so soft and smooth.

A Selection Of Shower Gels

 It's not often I just have one shower gel on the go, my bathroom cabinet is full to the brim of products and I tend to constantly change between them all. I don't think you have to spend loads on products like this, the majority I get are either on offer from The Body Shop, from supermarkets or places like Superdrug. Recently I got through this big bottle from Dove which was so nourishing on my skin and had a lovely Pomegranate scent, and I've also got through several minis from The Body Shop as they are just the best. I'm currently still loving my Feather and Down one which is perfect to use during an evening bath or shower to set you up for a good nights sleep.

A Good Book

 I really don't read as much as I used to which kind of upsets me as I have no idea why and I used to love having my head stuck in a book. I think, like a lot of people I'm just so obsessed with social media that it always feels like I need to be on there looking at or doing something whenever I get a spare minute and before I know it another day is over and I've not had chance to pick up a book. Recently I've been really trying to get back into reading though, as I do find it really relaxing and especially in the bath, I just like to sit back and get lost in a story. The last book I read was 147 Things by Jim Chapman, you can find my full review here, and it's really made me want to carry on and find another good read to start.

Favourite Hair Products 

I don't always wash my hair in the bath, it can be a bit of a pain sometimes but I always like to have some good hair products ready to use. I'm not fussy about shampoos and conditioners at all really, I'll happily use whatever is cheapest as long as it's still good quality, but I do think it's nice to sometimes have a lovely pamper in the bath, wash your hair, shave your legs, get yourself smelling gorgeous and getting into some fresh PJ's. I've been using the John Frieda Shampoo and Conditioner which has been amazing for my hair this Autumn, but I also really love a much cheaper brand called Alberto Balsam. Their shampoo and conditioner which you can get in loads of scents is only about £1 in most shops and has always made my hair feel so soft, clean and fresh. I really recommend picking a few bottles up if you haven't tried anything from them before, my favourite at the moment is the raspberry shampoo and conditioner.


 Lastly, when I'm in the bath I love to listen to music, the same goes for showering, I don't know why I just really enjoy it. I usually just press shuffle on my spotify and listen to whatever comes on, which could be literally anything! I have such a varied taste in music, ranging from musicals to current pop stuff to bands like Arctic Monkeys, you can find most things on there.
So, that's a variety of things that all make the perfect bath for me! Having a little pamper and a relaxing hour in the bath is one of my little self care things as it always makes me feel so calm and chilled out. I know whether I'm ill, stressed or tired, a bath will make me feel 10x better and all of these things usually contribute!

Do you agree with any of these things?

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