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Exante Diet Review*

A few months ago I was sent some products to try out from the kind people over at Exante. I really didn't want to leave it so long to review everything I was sent but as I wasn't well when I first got them and kind of on and off since then, it never seemed like there was a right time to start until a few weeks ago! But anyway now I've finally had chance to try the majority of it all, I couldn't wait to get this review up.
The Exante Diet was something I'd heard a lot about before but not something I'd ever given a go so I was really happy to get the chance to work with them and try some of their best products out. Exante Diet Plans can be used if you're looking to drop a few dress sizes, tone up or just want to change up your eating habits, and it's a really simple and flexible way of doing it. The way it works is that you can substitute up to 3 meals a day with their nutritious meal replacement products including shakes and bars, but they still give your body the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to support healthy weight loss. There are 4 plans to choose from, the Flexi Solution (the one I decided to follow) which is a 1200 calorie diet, you can enjoy 2 exante products each day, plus a healthy meal and another healthy snack. The 5:2 Diet which is where you have 5 days eating normally and then 2 fasting days where you lower your calories and can enjoy 3 exante products. The Man Plan which is a 800 calorie diet, you can have 3 exante products a day plus 200 calories of high protein (it isn't just for men, recommended for people with a BMI over 25). Finally, the Total Solution Plan which is used for fast and effective weight loss, subsitute your 3 meals a day for 3 exante products. As I mentioned I decided to go for the Flexi Solution and incorporate the exante products into my usual eating plan. I was already calorie counting anyway and sticking to a certain amount of calories so I didn't think it would feel like too much of a diet. I was sent a selection of products including shakes, bars, pancake mixes and smoothies, so I'll talk through what I thought about them and then I'll let you know how I got on overall at the end of the post.
I'm going to start with the shakes as these are just so convenient to have in and to make. I had a few flavours to try and of course I had to start with the chocolate. I just love a chocolate milkshake so anything that even slightly resembles that when trying to lose weight is brilliant. This was really easy to make, I just had to mix it into 200ml of water and whisk well, super quick to do and it actually tasted really nice! It did smell and taste just like chocolate milkshake and even though I could tell a little bit it wasn't quite as indulgent as the real thing, as a healthy replacement, it was brilliant! I also had a strawberry shake to try so I gave that a go another day and just like the chocolate shake I was really impressed. Again you can definitely tell it's not a real full fat mikshake but there isn't a massive difference in taste at all so I could definitely have more of these in future. The only one I haven't tried yet is the banana just because I'm not a big fan of banana shakes but I'm sure George will give it a try one day for a quick, easy breakfast. Exante have such a range of shakes and smoothies to choose from including caramel latte frappe, cookies and cream, strawberry daiquiri and almond vanilla which sounds amazing. I think flavours like this make losing weight much more fun and it actually feels like you're drinking something that's substantial, filling and enjoyable! I really did find having one of these instead of a meal for either breakfast or lunch did leave me feeling full and not tempted to reach for anything else.
Now onto the bars. I was sent a variety including protein wafers, muesli breakfast bars, chocolate caramel crunch bars and some really indulgent chocolate ones. Obviously the first one I tried was the Double Chocolate because I'm all about anything chocolately. I had this in replacement of lunch one day and I felt full for hours, I really did. This was almost like a healthier mars bar, and actually didn't really taste like a 'diet' bar, it had a light chocolate filling, was covered in real milk chocolate and had tiny caramel pieces inside so the flavour was really nice. I would definitely reach for one of these in future if I'm out in the morning or just don't have much in to make a meal. Aswell as this one I really enjoyed the wafer bars. I love wafer chocolate bars anyway so to be able to have one when trying to lose weight was really nice. They had a lovely chocolate, velvety filling which is made of a blend of pea and milk protein, and were a great snack to have. The great thing about these is that they can be used a pre or post gym snack aswell if you're someone who likes to work out or is getting into exercise while trying eat better.
Another product I wanted to mention is the Maple Syrup Pancakes mix. Pancakes when you're trying to eat healthier? I know! These pancakes were really easy to make, I emptied the contents into a bowl, added 100ml of cold water, mixed well then left to sit for a few minutes. It was then just as simple as normal pancakes, fry in a normal pan with frylight and cook on each side. It really didn't take much time and these came out really light and fluffy. They were really sweet and had a nice, strong flavour of maple syrup so no temptation to add anything to them. These were a lovely breakfast and just so easy to make. If you wanted to you could even add some fruit for a few extra calories but as they are so sweet, you really don't need to add any other toppings or sauces.

Exante do some great products and I do really think there is something for everyone. The shakes, bars, low calorie meals and more that they do are all so convenient and can be made in a matter of minutes. They are perfect to grab in the morning or could be taken to work, so brilliant if you have a busy, on the go life and struggle to lose weight by preparing your own meals each day. As I mentioned at the start of this post, Exante have a variety of plans so if you are wanting to lose weight for a certain occassion or in quite a short time period, then with these products it can be done, but if you're just wanting to change your eating habits a bit and lead a healthier lifestyle then these are great for that too. That's sort of the path I went down with it and I've really enjoyed trying everything out. As I wasn't well on and off for a few months I didn't feel comfortable following the plan to lose weight, so I just used it to try and get a bit healthier and try some new things. It's been nice to not have to really think about 3 meals a each day, as I do get bored easily and struggle to come up with new things, but with these I've just been able to quickly put together a shake or grab a bar and as I've already said, just so convenient. I really recommend giving Exante a go, and you can find out lots more on their website here! They do such a wide range of products and a lot are on offer at the moment so really worth having a look. I definitely think I'll be trying out more from Exante in the future and following a more strict plan so I'll keep you updated!

Have you ever tried anything from Exante before?

*Products were sent for the purpose of this review. I only work with brands I feel are relevant to my blog

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