Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Food I Have Been Loving This Week #20

Carrying on with my week of foodie blog posts, todays post had to be one of these. I just love writing them. There is actually a proper mix this time, a few homecooked meals, new and old favourites and some sweet treats which I've just been obsessed with.
Covered Chicken - This is one of my favourite meals but one I really don't make often enough! I posted a recipe for it a while ago which you can find here but it's really easy to make and doesn't actually take much time at all which is a bonus. It's just chicken breast wrapped in parma ham baked in the oven for around 45 minutes, and it goes lovely and crispy! I usually serve it with rice and salad, this time we also had some seeded flatbreads which were so nice but other times I like to have it with new potatoes and peas, it's something that goes with most things!

Daim Cake - OMG one of my all time favourite desserts. I remember having this when I was a bit younger and now I've found it in Asda it's going to be something I buy a lot! As it says on the box, it's chocolate cake with crunchy caramel and everything about it is just incredible. The smoothness of the chocolate on top with the crunchy daim pieces is just amazing and one slice is never enough. They even do a chocolate orange flavour now which we found in Iceland, I just want to eat this all the time.

Chicken Chasseur - This is one of those meals I seem to go ages without making and then when I do, I always think why don't I make this more! It's always so delicious, it's so easy to make and just such a comforting meal. I just used a Maggi cook in the bag mix so it really didn't require much effort! I just put two chopped up chicken breasts into the bag along with finely diced red onion, the seasoning sachet and 150ml water, gave it a good mix and then put into a dish to cook in the oven for around 50 minutes. I then served it with new potatoes, stuffing and green beans and it was so nice.

Mango Fanta - I'm a little bit addicted to trying different fantas at the moment! I love the normal fanta orange and the lemon one just reminds me of holidays abroad every time, but I've found a few american flavours recently and I now want to try them all. I first tried the Peach Fanta a few months ago which was incredible, and when we were in Leeds I found the Mango one. This was so sweet and had such a strong flavour, so refreshing!

Chicken & Pepper Pie - Oh this meal makes me so excited for winter. It's just so warming and such a perfect meal for a cold evening. I first spotted this on Instagram last month and made it my mission to track down the recipe and give it a go, I am so glad I found it. It was really easy to make, just chicken fried in a pan, with onion and pepper, 50g of chorizo, chopped tomatoes, beef stock and seasoning, I used chilli powder, garlic powder, cumin, salt and pepper. Leave to simmer while potatoes are boiling, I used 2 baking potatoes for 2 of us. When the potatoes are done, drain and set aside. When the chicken mix has thickened, pour into a dish, top with mash, top with grated cheese. Put into a 200 degree oven for around half an hour. We had ours with some fresh crusty bread and it was honestly one of the best meals I've made. I know I'll be making this loads in Winter.

Double Chocolate Magnums - I love these. I used to really like the double caramel magnums, and I still do but I think the double chocolate are even better. They are just a little bit more indulgent than a normal magnum and such a nice little dessert. They are a little expensive so we don't get them loads but they are always so worth it when we do.

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