Monday, 30 October 2017

Food I Have Been Loving This Week #21

This post has made me hungry just looking back over it. This might end up becoming one of my favourites of these posts because it's just full of the most delicious food and all of it I could go for again right now.
Frankie and Bennys Meal - I wanted to start with the food I had at Frankie and Bennys at the start of this month when me and George went to do some shopping at Meadowhall and ended up going for a meal. It was a little spontaneous date night and was so nice, and the food was amazing. We shared garlic bread to start because it's the best, then for mains I had a chicken ceasar salad and George had some sort of spicy pasta, we also shared some mini herby potatoes, and it was all just delicious. One of the best meals I've had there, ever. I very rarely go for salad when I'm out for a meal but I really fancied one that night, the chicken was so juicy and the side of potatoes were so good. It was impossible to finish though, so filling. Regardless though, we had dessert too because why not, and we shared the brownies and cream, which again was insanely tasty. 

M&S Biscuits - I love M&S biscuits, always have, always will. Now it's getting colder I'm all about getting cosy in the evening with a cup of tea and some biscuits and I love these ones that we picked up a few weeks ago. It was quite a big box and was on offer for about £4, just full of so many different varieties. I really want to go back and get more.

Paddington Sweets - Oh Paddington is just my favourite. I loved the first film a few years ago, the second one is coming out soon which I can't wait for and have genuinely already booked tickets for, and now M&S have Paddington sweets, biscuits and chocolate in so MY LIFE HAS BEEN MADE. I picked up this little pack of jelly sweets when I got the biscuits actually and they were only £1. They were just a nice evening treat and I'm definitely going to pick a few more up. While I was there I also spotted a Paddington advent calendar so I think I need to pick that up soon!

Dolmio Chicken - Finally a homemade meal in amongst all of this indulgent food! Dolmio have brought out some new traybake sauces that can be just put on top of chicken and baked in the oven, so convenient! There were three to choose from I think and I got the Italian Herbs and Garlic one. All I had to do was slice a red onion, lay that on a dish, top with chicken breasts, cover with the sauce then bake in the oven. The chicken was really juicy, the sauce was lovely and it went really well with some peas and homemade mini spicy potatoes. The sauces are only £1 so I'm definitely going to get more.

IKEA Cinnamon Rolls & Daim Chocolate - We have been blessed with a new IKEA near us and I don't think I could be happier about it. We've not had one near us for so long so to now have one literally a few stops away on the tram is amazing, and we had to pay a visit the week it opened. We ended up picking a few homey bits up and I left with a panda teddy bear because I'm actually a 5 year old, and then the best bit, the little food shop at the end. We picked a few bits up including these cinnamon rolls which were about £1.80 and so tasty, we got through them very quickly, and also a massive bar of Daim Chocolate because it's the best. They had some really cool bits in there so I'm definitely going to go back soon and pick a few other things up.

I just love food. I probably say that in all of these posts but I really do love writing them and talking about different things I've tried, so I hope you enjoy reading them!

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