Tuesday, 3 July 2018

A Mid Year Look At My 2018 Goals

At the start of 2018 I set myself several goals, some personal ones and some blogging goals. Like last year I wanted to do a mid year review of them to see where I'm at and if I have any chance to achieving them by the end of the year! I'm starting today with my more personal goals and tomorrow I'll have a post looking at all of the things I wanted to achieve blogging wise.
A mid year look at my 2018 goals

Eat Better

I definitely think I've made some good changes this year so far when it comes to food. I'm not following any sort of diet or plan and at the moment I really don't want too so I'm just aiming to cook more, eat more fruit and veg and just generally live a healthier life. Though I do love my cake and chocolate I've been far better with snacking this year, now it's sunny and warm I'm craving fresh salads and fruit which is definitely a good thing and I've been so much better with my water intake too. I just wanted to make small changes like that and I think so far I'm doing okay with it. I'm such a foodie and there are definitely days I go all out but doesn't everyone? I'm okay with this one so far and just want to keep on as I am.

Save Money

Well up until the last month or so I'd say I had failed on this so far but I recently set up a savings account and any extra spare money we have or money I bring in from blogging now is going into that. We were really good with putting money away and saving towards our honeymoon and little weekend breaks so we definitely didn't do bad, we just didn't save for anything else. Now I've got a plan though and I'm so excited to see it build up.

Find Part Time Work

Well this so far hasn't worked out but I've actually gone self employed with my blog so it's a bit of a tricky one. I was really hoping by this point I'd have made a massive improvement with my anxiety and a few other things that kind of held me back last year but it's been a struggle! Anxiety is a constant battle and I honestly couldn't say when I'll be fully ready to go back into an office or that sort of work situation. That being said I've thrown myself into my blog, have worked with some great brands and decided to take the plunge, go self employed and really try and make something of this. Some months are better than others but I'm really proud of how it's doing so this one isn't all bad, I've just gone in a bit of a different direction with it.

Apply To Open University

I had never really intended to apply by this point so it's another one that's difficult to comment on so far. My original plan was to apply this year and get back into a course but it's definitely one that I still have time to think about and so far I've not made any concrete plans. Like I said I didn't plan on going self employed with my blog so it's something I need to think about. I'd still love to apply one day and get a degree but as I mentioned above, anxiety is a constant battle and it's 50/50 right now whether this year will be the year but I'm not putting pressure on myself.

Travel More

So far this year we've been away a few times and had the best time in each place. We started off the year with a little break in York which was lovely. It's somewhere we'd wanted to go for a while and it really did exceed any expectations and I want to go back already. The next month we then went on our honeymoon to Paris which was a perfect choice. We went for 3 nights and it was such a nice break. Just a few days after that we had a night in London as we had booked to see the show Kinky Boots. I'd been desperate to see another west end show and I'm so happy with the one we went with. Kinky Boots was honestly outstanding and obviously just being back in London made me so happy. So far we have another trip to London planned, I know it seems like we're always there but we're not, I just want to go and see musicals whenever we have chance! It's for our wedding anniversary too which is near Christmas so it's going to be another nice festive trip.

Get A Dog

This is something else that I didn't expect us to reach before the end of the year and it was one of those things that if we got the chance any earlier, it would be amazing. I'd love to bring a dog into our little family, I'd honestly be the best dog mum but they're so expensive! There's so much  to consider and think about too before going for it. We've already got a few breeds in mind which we've had experience with in the past and think would just suit us and our situation right now but I've looked into adoption too and I think it'll just be something we think about more towards the end of the year. I am saving though so we do have a plan, it's just whether it ends up happening later on in the year or more this sort of time next year. I definitely think we want to get another few things ticked off first but I'm getting more and more ready for a dog as the weeks go by so we'll see.

I don't think I'm doing too bad so far this year, some things I definitely still need to work on and continue with but there always will be and some of these are definitely more long term!

Did you set yourself any goals this year?

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