Friday, 21 September 2018

Food I Have Been Loving This Week #30

Now it's not as warm and we're actually really getting into Autumn, I've been really enjoying getting back into the kitchen, cooking up some of my favourites and indulging in some of my favourite warm desserts too. When it's hot, I lose all inspiration when it comes to meal planning, so I am in my element at the moment now it's colder and we're into the best few months of the year.
Millies Cookies, Nandos Chicken, Apple Crumble, Bacon flatbreads, Spaghetti Carbonara, Lolas Cupcakes, Chicken Lasagne
Slow cooker Nandos chicken - This has been such a favourite of mine ever since we got a slow cooker. It's one of the most simple meals, literally put in 2 chicken breasts and a pouch of Nandos sauce (usually £1 in supermarkets), a little bit of water and leave on high for 4 hours. The chicken just breaks apart beautifully after a few hours and it really requires no effort. I've been loving it recently with a jacket potato, halloumi, coleslaw and some Nandos perinaise.

Homebaked Millies Cookies - I'm pretty sure I mentioned actual Millies Cookies in the last post like this, but as I've now discovered you can bake them yourselves at home, I had to include them in this post too. I'd seen them in Iceland originally, the white chocolate and the milk chocolate but for about £3 each which I'm just not going to pay so when I spotted them for only £1 a box in Heron Foods, I stocked up. These have been so great to pop in the oven when we've been in need of a sweet treat but not had much in.

Bacon and halloumi flatbreads - Halloumi is just the best cheese isn't it? I'd not been able to get it in our online shop for months, it was absolutely ridiculous but a few weeks ago, it finally came back to me. A favourite of ours at the weekend is bacon and halloumi flatbreads, I could eat another right now. I'm pretty much finding any excuse to put halloumi with a meal now it's finally back in stock at Asda!

Chicken Lasagne - Ahh I absolutely love this meal! I posted a recipe for it a long time ago but until recently it's not been something we have often. I love a classic lasagne or if we're going to have a pasta dish, it tends to be something like spaghetti but a few weeks ago I really fancied this and we've ended up having it quite a few times since. It's so tasty, the creamy white sauce is my favourite and you can't beat loads of cheese on top.

Lola's Cupcakes - Whenever George goes to London for work, he always tries to bring something back and recently after a day there, he picked up some Lola's cupcakes and they were absolutely delicious! I had the black bottom cheesecake cupcake, I've wanted to try it for ages but I've not seen it anywhere before, and it totally exceeded my expectations. The chocolate cake was so soft and the cheesecake, so creamy. Amazing!

Apple Crumble - Now it's got a bit cooler, I am all about the warming meals and hot desserts. I had like an intense need for apple crumble recently so we picked one up from M&S and I think it may be the best apple crumble I've ever eaten. It's just heaven with custard on top!

Spaghetti Carbonara - Another meal I can't get enough of recently. Anything with pasta is a winner for me and this is so quick and easy which is even better. It's so good with crispy bacon on top and garlic bread on the side.

Do you have any favourite meals to make in Autumn?


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