Friday 2 November 2018

The This Or That Challenge

A while ago I was having a bit of a blog reading and commenting session and I noticed a tag called the This or That Challenge. There are so many different tag posts that go around but this is one I'd never ever seen before so I had to give it a go. I've not tagged anyone in particular so if you want to give it a go, just copy and paste the questions! I personally always love reading posts like this too so I hope you enjoy.
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Shower in the morning or the evening?
Usually in the evening, I love getting into fresh pyjamas and getting all cosy. Sometimes a shower in the morning is amazing though, it really wakes me up and I feel all refreshed!

City centre or close to nature?
City centre, I love being in cities like London as there is always something going on and I can just kind of get lost there to do whatever.

Bright colours or neutrals?
I love brighter colours in Spring and Summer but to be honest I mainly wear black!

Spring or autumn?
Always Autumn! It's my favourite season.

Mint or cinnamon?
Mint, I love anything minty.

Planned or spontaneous?
Usually planned but I'm not gonna complain if someone wants to surprise me with a holiday or a weekend away 😂

A movie at home or at the cinema?
I think the cinema, we go so much and it's always such a nice evening.

Espresso or latte?
Neither, I'm more of a tea girl.

Hugs or kisses?
Hugs, they make everything better.

Spicy or mild food?
Spicy! I love hot food.

Leather or lace?
I love love love my leather jacket but I think lace is so pretty. When looking for new tops I try and find ones with lace.

Overdressed or underdressed?

Adventure or comfort?
Comfort, I love my home.

TV series or movie?
Both! I love a movie night but I've been addicted to loads of different TV series recently.

Rock or country music?
Neither? I listen to most things but I can't choose a favourite.

Red or white wine?
White wine. I've only tried red a few times but whenever I have I've not loved it.

Working alone or in a team?
I can definitely work in a team but I get so much more done when I work alone.

Swimming or sunbathing?
Swimming, I love being in the pool on holiday!

Fast food or sit down restaurant?
I sometimes get a bit anxious in a sit down restaurant, it all depends on the day, so probably fast food. You can't beat a McDonalds every so often can you?

Matched or mismatched socks?
Matched but I don't even know what happens to them in our house, we always end up having to try and find the other pair to each sock.

Dancing or singing?
I don't dance at all, I just can't, so singing.

Phone or the internet?
The internet, I'm pretty much always online because of my blog.

I loved taking part in this challenge and I'd love to see your answers if you take part too so let me know!

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