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6 Of My 10 Year Life Goals

You know when you see a blog post and it just sparks something in you? Well that's how I felt when I read the lovely Jenny's 10 Years Goals List and I just thought I have to do my own. Make sure you give her post a read too though as she's set herself some great goals and she is my one of my all time fave bloggers. There were 6 things in particular that came to mind when I set about writing this post and they're probably all quite generic but they're my aims and if any of them happened, it would be a dream come true! Like I've said before many times, my 'plan' since leaving college definitely hasn't gone as expected and I'm nowhere near where I thought I'd be right now but sometimes life just has other things in store for you. Some days I find it hard that uni wasn't what I expected, that a job I was genuinely really good at ended as it did and that I've let my anxiety control so much but on the other hand, I have the most supportive husband, a lovely home and the most beautiful dog, Bear so is it all bad? Not at all.
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Learn To Drive

Let's start with my main goal for the next year or two - learning to drive. I did a whole post in 2017 about my experience with driving so I won't go on too much but in short I did loads of lessons when I was 17 and was pretty much at test standard but the theory test just ruined it all. 3 failed attempts with the last one being just 1 mark off, so I gave up there and then. Ever since I've regretted not just persisting with it, it shouldn't matter how many attempts it takes, but at the time it's hard not feel pressure and like you're just disappointing unless you do as well as everyone else seems to have. Since then I've just been too scared to start again, and now I'm 24. Luckily George can drive so it's not like I necessarily need to but some days it would be nice to have that option. I do think it's going to take a lot of courage to start all over again and I have no doubt it will take me a long time to pass but for now just starting is my aim. 

Buy A House

For a long time I genuinely thought this was never going to be a possibility for George and I. It's one of those things that everyone around you seems to be doing so it's hard not feel disheartened and think when will that be us? Aswell it seems to be the that the topic of buying a house/renting/living at home etc always seems to lend it's self to judgemental comments. I personally think if you can still live at home and want to, enjoy it. If you want to rent, go for it. And if you've bought a house, good on you. Why does it matter? Everyone is different so I hate that some people use things like that as an opportunity to judge. Anyway, last year we decided let's just start saving. If at any point our plans change, then they do but why not try? We've been renting our flat for 4 years now and after such a long time, it finally feels like home so I'm more than happy to stay here a little longer than planned if it means being able to save for our forever home in the next few years. I'm already so excited to make a house our own, and do all the boring stuff like look at kitchens, decorate each room, go to garden centres! I think being able to stand in our own home and know we've done it, would be such an achievement for us.

Find A Job I Truly Love

The thing is I just don't know what that is. Like, literally NO clue. As I've said before my intention was always to be a nurse and I soon realised that wasn't for me so ever since then I've just kind of been a bit lost when it comes to a career. Part of me always wants to do open university and train in something else, and it means I can be home still to look after Bear, but then another part of me just wants something part time so I can still blog and kind of be as I am now, as long as it's something I enjoy. I would like to think at some point in the next few years I'll have finally found a job that makes me excited to be there again.

Take Part In A Cooking/Baking Competition

I'm not really sure what kind of competition I mean by this but I'd love to take part in something that's cooking or baking related. As I'm sure you can tell by the recipes I share and the amount I talk about food, I love being in the kitchen so one day I'd really love to do something extra with that. I joked once that I'd love to at least apply for Bake Off but I'm not sure my basic bakes will ever be up to that standard! I think something local would be nice to have a go at though. Or maybe having my own little stall occasionally at a some sort of market, I don't really know, I have an idea in my head of what I mean but how to make it happen, I really don't know.

Get Another Dog

We might have only just brought Bear home last month but believe it or not, we've already started talking about getting another. Bear is definitely enough for us at the minute and I want to enjoy him by himself for now but I think when we've moved, that would be the perfect time to get another little pup. Dogs just bring me so much joy and I've always said a house full of them would be a dream so it would be nice to get another one (maybe even two) in the next 10 years.

Have Overcome My Anxiety

I think my anxiety will follow me around forever. I've lived with it for years now (not too well at times though) so I know it's never going to just be a quick fix and it be done with but I really hope at some point I can say I've reached a point where it's not as prominent and doesn't affect my day to day life so much. I do feel on the better end of the scale with it at the moment, I've certainly noticed a big improvement in my health anxiety and even the social side (I think Bear has definitely helped with my confidence and brought something out of me) but I know there's still a long way to go. Whether it's through counselling, medication, both or something else, getting my anxiety under control is a big aim.

So that's 6 of my goals for the next 10 years! Some a bit more serious than others but all things I'd love to be able to look back on and see that I accomplished them. I'd love to know if you have any goals set for the next few years?

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AlishaValerie said...

Buying my own home is on my goal list too lovely, and I'd also love more pets. Great blog post darling! I'm sending you all of my love! πŸŒΈπŸ’œ

With love, Alisha Valerie x |

jennyinneverland said...

Amazing goals and thank you for linking to my post! I'd also like to overcome my anxiety. But I've sort of accepted that it'll always be a part of my life now. But if I can overcome it to the extend where it doesn't impact my life as much as it does now, that'd be great :) Jenny

Tiffany Timms said...

Thank you Alisha! I hope you achieve everything you're hoping to aswell xx

Tiffany Timms said...

No problem at all Jenny! I loved reading yours. That's exactly where I'm at too, I fully expect it to be sort of there in the background forever xx

Heather Nixon said...

I'm currently looking for training or a job I'd love x

Dani said...

I love this post! What a great idea to do too, I think you've inspired me to write my own 10 year plan - thank you! x

Joy said...

Good luck! I'm sure you will have all these things before you know it.

Sophie said...

Great goals! I'm honestly not sure what my 10 year goals are. I'd love some sort of restaurant one day but that's definitely not happening in the next 10 years πŸ˜‚ x


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