Friday, 4 December 2020

An End Of Year Look At My 2020 Personal Goals

 God I've been dreading doing an end of year update to my 2020 goals. I don't think the ones I'll be talking about today, my more personal goals, will be too bad, I do actually feel despite lockdown and the hell that 2020 has been, I've achieved quite a lot and really worked on myself but my blogging goals... yeah I'm not sure I'll have achieved many, if any of those. I'll be talking about those next Friday though so make sure you come back if you want to see how I got on. Anyway, let's see how I did with the personal goals I set myself at the start of the year.Bear sat on the settee, bunch of pink flowers held up next to him

Travel more
Great one to start on hey? Travel has been pretty limited for a lot of us this year so we definitely didn't get to go on the holidays we had planned in 2020. As much as I was gutted that we missed out on our anniversary trip to Amsterdam this Summer and our plans for this Christmas had to change, when we could get out again and it was safe to do so, we had a few UK city breaks instead and honestly I loved them SO much. In August we had a night in one of our favourite cities, York, and then in September we went to Oxford for a little break and both were amazing. Oxford was just absolutely stunning and I'm so glad we got to see so much of what the city has to offer. We had plans to go to Edinburgh this Christmas and I'm not gonna lie, I'm gutted we've had to cancel and if I think about it for too long I get emosh cos Christmas in Edinburgh just looks like a dream but fingers crossed it's not too long until we can re-book. I always appreciate any holidays or trips we go on but after 2020, I will never ever take anything like that for granted again.

Finally work on my anxiety
I actually think I dealt with things this year far better than I would have any other year. I can't say I'm over my anxiety, far from it, but I feel like I'm managing it much better. A few years ago when my anxiety was at its worst, lockdown would have floored me. All of our plans being cancelled, not being able to see people, no idea when any of it was going to end, I would have massively struggled and I honestly don't know how I'd have got out of bed. Luckily I feel far better than I did then so I think I dealt with lockdown and 2020 in general pretty well. I had my down days like I'm sure we all did but I got through it and I'm proud of that. I found positives in having all that time at home, I kept myself busy and I finally started working on ideas for my own baking business. Not gonna lie I found Lockdown 2.0 TOUGH but overall I feel like I had a bit of a breakthrough with my anxiety this year.

Read 100 books
This year so far I've managed to read 92 books. When I set myself a goal of reading 100 books, I wasn't sure if I'd do it a second year in a row but I just adore reading so it's not felt difficult at all. I had months where I read hardly anything then weeks where I very rarely didn't have a book in my hand so I've managed to get through quite a lot. I'm confident I'll hit my goal again by the end of the month but reading's supposed to be enjoyable so I'm not going to force myself to reach it.

Save, save, save
For me it feels a bit weird to talk about money right now when there's no denying lockdown and all that Covid brought with it, has had a devastating impact on a lot of people financially. Not to get too political but I dread to think about how many people have lost their job or business and many at probably the worst time of year, just before Christmas. George and I were really lucky that we could keep on adding to our savings throughout the year. As we weren't going out and doing anything (like everyone) we just put all our spare money into house savings and holidays funds (who knows when we'll get to go on them) and we've had a really good year of saving money. That being said though we now have the issue of the state the housing market is in at the moment. 10% deposits have pretty much disappeared (love that for me) so we're still saving and waiting it out and just hoping that 2021 is a much better year for everyone in every kind of way. I'd love to be writing a post like this next year in our new home and I do feel positive about it but we'll see.

Push myself more with cooking & baking
Well I think I can safely say I achieved this because I started my own baking business! I've been sharing recipes on my blog for years now so this year felt like the right time to actually do something with that and see where it takes me. I adore baking, I adore brownies so it made sense to start a brownie business and I'm just absolutely loving it. I had no idea how it was going to go and if it would be received well but I'm so proud! I've been baking most days since the launch, I've got so many ideas for the future and I just hope it continues like this. If you want to know more about Bear's Brownies & More or maybe even want to treat yourself, just head to my Etsy!

Start to take proper care of my skin
I've never been one to try out loads of different skincare products, spend loads of money on it and I've probably never really taken care of my skin like I should but I did get better with it in 2020. I've been using and loving the Vitamin E range from The Body Shop for most of this year. It works perfectly with my skin and whilst it's not cheap, it doesn't break the bank either and for me that's all I need. I can't say I'm an angel with my skincare routine everyday but I'm getting there and I have noticed a difference in my skin this year.

I'm pretty happy with what I achieved this year despite everything and I actually quite liked looking back over 2020 and seeing what I managed to achieve! It might have been a pretty crap year overall but I definitely can find some positives and I'm sure it's one we'll all remember for a long time.

Did you set yourself any goals this year?

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Heather Nixon said...

I need to look though my goals - I haven’t done well, apart from my reading goals x

Beautylymin said...

Well done on focusing on and improving your anxiety, also on the saving! x

jennyinneverland said...

I think you’ve done brilliantly! 92 books is amazing and I think you’ll smash that one. I think you’ve pushed yourself SO FAR with your baking and look how much it’s paid off!!! Can’t wait to see where Bear’s takes you next year xxx

beautyqueenuk said...

I’m impressed you have got so many books read. I thought with lockdown I’d fly through books, but I haven’t. That said, I am only 3 off my goal x

Julia said...

I really think we shouldn't be too hard on ourselves if we haven't quite met all our goals this year, seeing how tough and challenging 2020 has been. We've all been affected by the pandemic in some way, and it's good to take all the positive and small progress we've achieved despite everything! It's awesome that you have your own baking business, you can be proud of this!

Julia x
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Kelly~Diane said...

It sounds like you've still managed to do well with your goals this year. I think this year has definitely made us realise how lucky our freedom to travel and see friends is.

Hannah said...

I think you've done amazing! The fact that you started own business is huge, and I really wish you all the best with it, as your brownies are so good!! It's also good to hear that you're doing better with your anxiety xx

Hannah |

Alice Anne said...

The book target was one of mine too - My target was 75 which is what I read last year and I'm on 93 at the moment! xx

Nic said...

Thanks for sharing your round up of your goals, you have achieved most of them :)

Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

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