Friday, 23 May 2014

30 Day Challenge - Day 14...

Day 14 - Your earliest memory. 

I remember going to my Grandma's a lot (on my dads side) and we used to stay for the weekend. They used to always take us to the library and rent books and dvds for a few days and my brother who is a few years younger than me loved it. I did enjoy it too and always found a film I wanted to watch! It was a typical thing that we did a lot and it wasn't until we both got a bit older that we stopped doing it. I remember too going shopping with my grandma a lot too. She used to take me into Chesterfield sometimes, where I never went as it is a bit too far from Sheffield to go just to walk around the shops but as she lived closer it made sense to go. I remember one time we went and I ended up buying loads, I was probably about 11 and loved it.

Whats your earliest memory?

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