Saturday, 7 June 2014

30 Day Challenge - Day 29...

Day 29 - Goals for the next 30 days.

I want to keep on blogging everyday and hopefully still be posting things that interest my followers and visitors! I hope to find some more exciting things to post about and I definitely want to take more pictures.

I still want to be living my life as I am now and hopefully be happy! I want to bake more! I love baking so much and just never seem to find the time to do it even though I have almost everyday, time just seems to go so quickly without me even noticing. We need to stay on top of the cleaning in this flat. I have a few days a week where I do a mad clean and literally just do everything in about an hour and it lasts for a few days but then eventually it's a tip again! We definitely need to work on that!

I'd also love to go out more, not necessarily to spend money, just go for walks when the weathers nice and spend some proper time together. We'll be back in Sheffield again in 30 days time so I know we'll be out and about a lot more then. Also I need to try and do something with my hair! I need to get good at curling it or something because we have a wedding/reception to go too and I can't have my hair like this. I think because i've been curling my hair a lot and because it's so long that I will have it like that but I just need to make it stay in place! I need to buy make up too as I am running out.

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