Saturday, 21 June 2014

Next Homeware Wishlist...

I've been looking on Next a lot recently as I am a big fan of their homeware stuff. They have so much pretty stuff and I just want it all. I wanted to do a little wishlist but it may end up being huge! Honestly, if you haven't already, go check out some of the stuff they have at the moment, it's all gorgeous!
Ceramic Bird Jug £12 - I can really imagine having two of these next to a fireplace with big bunches of flowers! I really like these as they are a little different to anything else we already have.

Heart Knife Block £34 - Something like this would look great on the kitchen side in our flat and I love the colour and shape. 

Metal Candle Tray £20 - Candles are just one of my favourite things and one of these would hold quite a few little tealights. It would look so pretty at night. Again something that would look great near/on a fireplace I think. 

Leafy Heart Wool Rug £110 - The next big thing for the flat that I would love to get is a rug for the centre. I would much prefer to have a carpet but all of the flat has wooden flooring so I would really like one of these. 

Paradise Floral Print Bed Set £22-55 - This is something a bit different to the bedding sets we already have but that is why I like it! A pop of colour would really brighten the place up and I love the pattern. 
Stand Mixer £99 - One of these will always be in my Home Wishlists as I want one so much! Baking is my favourite thing to do and I do it as much as I can, every baker needs one of these! You can get it in cream or black but I think i'd choose the cream. Only £99 which is a great price for a mixer. 

Set of 2 Crotchet Paperweave Boxes £20 - We could always do with these as we have so much stuff and there is nowhere to put it! I'd love some like this in our bathroom to store all of our toiletries. A really pretty colour too. 

Large Heart Chopping Board £10 - A chopping board like this would look really good on our kitchen side! 
You, Me and The Sea Water Bottle £6 - I just think this is really nice to put drinks in for the summer!

Set of 2 Home Mugs £8 - These are just really pretty and would match our kitchen. I love things with quotes and phrases on too. 

Floral Laundry Bag £15 - We are in desperate need of a new laundry bag! Well, I say that, we can live with the one we have but I just want a really pretty one like this! 

Set of 4 Tumblers £16, Set of 4 Wine Glasses £16, Set of 4 Sundae Dishes £24 - I love all of these! I would like them all for my kitchen but the wine glasses are probably my favourite. 

Fine Sparkle Rug £45-230 - This is another rug I would really like for the living room area. It looks so soft and fluffy which would be so nice for your feet! 

I wish I could buy everything! Do you like anything on this wishlist?

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