Friday, 27 June 2014

June Degustabox...

This is something I look forward to every month. I think it was only our first month that I wasn't too impressed with the box but since then every single one has been great. I love that you have no idea what's in the box and every month there's new things that aren't even in the shop yet! 
1. Alpha Bites - I was really excited to see these as I'd seen them a few times on Vlogs on Youtube and they looked really nice. They have no artificial colours or flavours, sugar or salt and they are high in fibre. I tried these today and they just reminded me of cheerios! I didn't feel great this morning so I didn't have many at all but I am sure I will be having these again, it is a huge box! 

2. Strawberry Lambrini - I was so excited to see this as I just love lambrini. Classy I know. I haven't tried the strawberry flavour before but it looks really nice. 

3. Elizabeth Shaw Amaretto Flutes - I think it was last month we got the Dark Chocolate Flutes which I really liked but I'm really not too bothered about these ones. George really liked them though and they are now all gone! 

4. Urban Fruit Strawberry - We received the Strawberry flavour, though you can also get Pineapple and Mango. I think I'd have enjoyed any flavour! These include fruit that has been gently baked and it was actually really nice. These are great if you're on the go and need something in your bag to snack on. 

5. Veetee Wholegrain Brown Rice - I love rice and could have it with so many things so I was really happy this was in the box. I wouldn't normally have brown rice, even though I know it is healthier, but I really enjoyed this. I would definitely buy it again. 

6. Be Fast Breakfast - There was a strawberry and a Banana flavour in our box and it was George who tried them as I didn't think i'd like them. He liked them and they're great if you are in a hurry. 

7. Estrella Damm - This is definitely something George will drink, I wasn't expecting this at all and I think the retail price is quite high so I'm very happy we got this. 

8. Dr Oetker Madagascan Vanilla Grinder - I am so happy that for 3 boxes in a row (I think) there has been some baking items! Baking is my absolute favourite thing to do so I am very pleased that they seem to be adding a baking product. I can't wait to use this as it isn't something I would normally buy. 

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