Saturday, 14 June 2014

A Body Shop Haul...

Don't you just love it when you find things you didn't even realise you had? This afternoon I was looking for some hair conditioner and found a big bag of Body Shop items in the wardrobe. A while back I had an order of about £40 at the Body Shop, this was when I first started uni and had my student loan so I went a bit mad with the online shopping. They had a deal on, it was a huge bag of different products, e.g. body butter, scrub, perfumes etc for about £40 instead of £80 and as I love The Body Shop so much I had to get it. Once I had it I then put it away in the wardrobe and never really took anything out of it to use! I completely forgot about it until today when I found so many things that I had no idea were in there. Now I can't wait to get using them! 
I didn't get the best pictures of everything as it was all a bit on a whim I decided to do this post but in the first picture there is - Coconut Body Butter, Duo Body Butter, Coconut Beautifying Oil, Passion Fruit Shower Gel, Moringa Body Butter and a Nail and Cuticle Oil. In picture two there is, Mango Body Butter, Hemp Hand Cream, Amazonian Wild Lily Perfume, Indian Night Fragrance Mist and Coconut Body Scrub. Finally, in the last picture there is Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion, Reviving Foot Soak, 2 Cooling Foot Sprays, Reviving Leg Gel and 2 Foot Scrubs.

I can't believe I forgot about all of this! It was so worth the money and all of this is going to last me ages, I can't wait.

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