Sunday, 22 June 2014

Simply Cook Review...

A few weeks ago I was sent a recipe kit to try out and review from the people at Simply Cook.  Simply Cook are a company who are trying to introduce people to new meals and fresh ideas. By using one of their recipe kits you can try new foods you might never have thought of before. They want your meals to taste delicious and with one of the kits they can! The meals are quick and easy to make so you don't need loads of time to spare either. You can choose between a Discovery Box or a Gluten Free Box. Each box contains 4 easy to follow recipes and 4 ingredient kits. 

The box I was sent had recipes for Pork Cassoulet, Malaysian Laksa, Grilled Halloumi Salad and Jambalaya. 

We made the Jambalaya first which turned out really well, it tasted great and we'll definitely make it again. For this recipe the kit included, Cajun Seasoning, Jambalaya Paste and Garlic Paste. I was impressed with all of these as they were strong enough to add flavour but not too strong so that it overpowers anything. 
Next we made the Pork Cassoulet. I was really excited to try this as it looked really different from anything we'd made before. In the kit for this recipe was Chorizo Spice Paste, Chipotle Rub and Garlic Paste. We love pork chops so there wasn't much chance of us not liking this meal! The garlic paste and chipotle rub really made the pork chops taste different to how they usually are and you could definitely notice the seasoning. The Chorizo spice paste was mixed with Haricot Beans and Passata. This was really just like baked beans but a bit posher! At least it isn't too different to what you're used to though and with the beans it is a great way of introducing children to new foods without them really realising. Our picture doesn't do it justice and it doesn't really look like it should compared to the one on the website but it is the taste that matters! 
We've still got two other meals to make with this kit which I can't wait for! The Halloumi Salad sounds amazing. I would definitely recommend these kits by Simply Cook, they are a great way of introducing new foods and flavours to yourself and your family. It is £5 for your first box and after that they are £10 per month.  

What do you think to Simply Cook?

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