Thursday, 10 July 2014

100 Happy Days - Day 61...

Day 61. 

Today me and George went to Meadowhall for a bit of shopping and a meal. As there was a family occasion on Sunday (our actual 3 year anniversary) we decided to go today instead and make a day of it. We haven't been to Meadowhall since last year, way before we moved and so much has changed! There are loads of new shops that weren't there before so it was really nice to have a walk round and do a bit of shopping!

We had a lovely meal at Harvester, I love it there! I think it is great value for money and they have loads to choose from on the menu. George had small rack of ribs with chips and I had triple chicken, which was southern fried chicken, grilled chicken and a small part of roast chicken, it also came with chips and peas. There was loads! I couldn't eat it all but it was so nice. 
George also got a Nutella Milkshake from Ed's Diner and we got Krispy Kreme but we are going to have to share them out as there are so many! I love Krispy Kreme and we rarely have it so it was a nice treat.

I picked a few things up from Superdrug and Primark, and George also bought me a present from Next, something that was on one of my latest posts, he does pay attention after all! I will do a haul post tomorrow showing what I got. 

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