Thursday, 3 July 2014

Alpro Review...

Recently I was sent some product to try from the lovely people at Alpro. Alpro are a company that are dedicated to making sure more of what we eat comes from plants. This way it is planet friendly, sustainable and healthy, generally better for us! They started over 30 years ago with soya and started turning it into healthy alternative to milk, yoghurt, cream and margarine. This way anyone can enjoy plant powered foods and as well as all of these, there are now hazelnut and almond drinks available too. 

The products I was sent were - Dark Chocolate Desserts, Hazelnut Milk, Unsweetened Almond Milk and Soya Milk. 
I was really impressed when I received these items, I hadn't tried any of them before but I had heard a lot about them and seen quite a few people having these as a replacement to normal milk and other products. The first drink we tried was the Hazelnut. We tried this milk one morning on top of cereal as a replacement for the normal milk that we would usually have. I enjoyed this flavour a lot and it worked really well with cereal. You could definitely taste the hazelnut flavour and I would buy this again. We were also sent the Soya Milk and Unsweetened Almond Milk. Both of these can be used on cereal, in a cup of tea or as part of a smoothie. You can use them for as much as you could normal cows milk and that taste isnt too different. I think if you are used to cows milk it may take a while to get used to having this as a replacement but over time I think most people would be absolutely fine with it. I also think you are less likely to notice the difference in something like a smoothie where there are other flavours too. I think the almond milk and soya milk are both great for health conscious people or those with allergies. The soya milk is high in plant protein and low in saturated fat. There is also no animal fat. The Almond milk has lightly roasted Mediterranean almonds, spring water and no added sugars. It is low in calories, free from saturated fats and has added calcium. These are all great as part of a balanced diet and I think changes from cows milk to these products could really benefit you. 

I was also sent the Chocolate Desserts which I was so excited to try! It was a pack of 4 and I see these everytime I go to the supermarket and I have been wanting to try them for a while. These desserts combine soya with real dark chocolate so you really feel like you are having a proper treat yet it is so much better for you than the typical desserts you may have otherwise. These pots contain plant powered protein, calcium and vitamins so you needn't worry about too many bad things in these! You can also get Creamy Caramel Desserts, Smooth Milk Chocolate Desserts and Velvet Vanilla Desserts. All sound delicious!

I would really consider buying the desserts and hazelnut milk again though I'm not sure about the almond and soya milk. I think it is down to personal preference and for some people these items really are great for them but these two just weren't for me. I would definitely recommend going to your supermarket or having a look online to see if any of their products interest you, they have so many more items available too that I haven't mentioned. 

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