Friday, 11 July 2014

Celebrity Gossip #3 - Part 1

Week 3.

I have so many magazines to write about this week! This post is going to have the usual, OK Magazine, Star and New. I will then do a separate post for Closer Magazine.

OK Magazine - Fearne Cotton. 
Fearne Cotton married Jesse Wood last Friday and how beautiful did she look! They married in London and had the reception at Kew Gardens where they were joined by both family's and friends including Holly Willoughby, Dermot O'Leary, Keith Lemon, Gok Wan and Amanda Byram. Fearne has said in interviews how happy she is with Jesse and I think it shows in these pictures, she looks so in love and just extremely happy to be married to him. In an interview with Red magazine out now, she said how much she loved being pregnant with their baby Rex and how much she hopes to have that feeling again. I really really hope she has more children as she looks like a great mum and they are such a nice couple. I can't get over how gorgeous her dress is! 

The front cover of this weeks OK is Peter Andre, again! He is in the magazine almost every week, what do they have new to ask him all the time! He is getting so annoying now. Anyone else get annoyed by him?

New Magazine - Jennifer Ellison and Kimberley Walsh.
Jennifer Ellison is pregnant with her third child, she is already mum to Bobby, four, and Harry, one. She has said that she is shocked at the pregnancy news as she was told she had little chance of conceiving again due to ovarian cysts. It must be the best news to find out your pregnant, especially when you've been told it is unlikely you can have more children. I think it would be nice if she had a little girl as she already has two boys but she has said she would like another boy as she is used to it. Kimberley Walsh is now 7 months pregnant and she looks great! I think pregnancy suits her and she is dressing really well for her bump. I think she will make a great mum.

Star Magazine - Lily Allen. 
Lily Allen has been in the papers for making some stupid comments about drugs. She has said that she will allow her children to take drugs and can only advise them of the problems associated with them. Lily has said that because she has taken drugs before she thinks she will be a hypocrite if she says they can't do it. I get in a way what she means about being a hypocrite but she knows herself the dangers of drugs and she was silly to take them so why would you in a way condone it and allow your children to do it! Surely you would want them to never go down that path and do everything in your power to make sure it doesn't happen? Her children are only very young and obviously they are nowhere near the age where they might be at risk of taking drugs so hopefully by the time they are a bit older she will think differently.

Also in this weeks star magazine, Katie Price has said how she thinks Cheryl Cole has lost her sparkle and isn't the same as she was a few years ago on X Factor. I agree and do think that Cheryl hasn't been the same since she split from Ashley Cole, I think she won't find anyone she loves as much as him and by going back to the X Factor it seems as though she is going back 4 years instead of moving on. 

What do you think?

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