Thursday, 3 July 2014

Celebrity Gossip #2

Week 2. 

OK Magazine - Kym Marsh. 
In this weeks OK there is a story about Kym Marsh and her new boyfriend Dan Hooper. Dan Hooper was with Stephanie Waring who plays Cindy in Hollyoaks for over a few years and they have a child together. Before it was announced they had split up, Dan and Kym were spotted together a few times. They are now officially together, the reason this has been in the magazines so much is because Stephanie and Kym were friends which is actually pretty shocking I think. I thought it was common knowledge you don't go out with your friends ex! Kym has stood up for herself and said they weren't actually close friends and it doesn't matter who she sees but Stephanie's story is very different and she believes that Kym should never have done it and she is obviously very hurt by all of it. There have been stories about this for a few months now and last week in OK magazine Kym did confirm they had been together for 3 months and things were going well. In this weeks edition the story is about Dan and Kym going to a family christening together, the first family occasion since they have been together. If they are together and happy with each other, great, but I really don't know who wears a tiny playsuit to a christening. Is it just me who thinks it's totally inappropriate? It looks like it would be great for summer and other occasions but why would you want to wear something so revealing, on the top half and the lower half to a church! I really don't understand it and I think it is attention seeking. I feel bad for the family too as there was obviously people there taking pictures of Kym and Dan and it takes away from the occasion itself. 

The front cover of this weeks OK is Peter Andre and the headline is "Peter Andre and Fiance Emily go walking in the sand". What?! How is that a headline? How is that on the front cover? I don't even know if there are words for how much of a ridiculous front cover it is. 

Star Magazine - Khloe Kardashian and French Montana. 
I was really hoping Khloe and Lamar Odom would be able to work things out and save their marriage. Now it seems as thought things are well and truly over and Khloe has moved on and found herself a new man. Her new boyfriend is apparently rapper French Montana. I really had no idea who he was and have only ever heard about him online and in the magazines but I really don't think they match each other very well! I think this is probably because Khloe and Lamar looked so in love and everyone was willing for it to work, they had met and got married within a few months but they had lasted for years and it was documented on Keeping up with the Kardashians that they had been trying for a baby. After a number of rumours started circulating about Lamar, they eventually split up and this seems to be Khloes first relationship since. I really hope that Khloe has found happiness with her new man because it was so obvious on the Kardashians and she has openly said how much she would like to have children and the struggle she had with Lamar. Maybe this is her chance. 

I have been watching this years Big Brother and I am now starting to get hooked. I really don't think it is as good as previous years and I ended up missing about a week when it started as I just wasn't interested but now I am making sure I watch it every night or catch up. The people I didn't like in the beginning are really growing on me and some I did like, I am now having second thoughts about. This year I am really not liking Helen. She is one of the women who slept with Wayne Rooney when his wife Coleen was pregnant. Already as soon as she entered everyone was judging her, including me, but this show has proved what a horrible person she is. Some of the things she has said and called people have been disgusting and how annoying is it that she has a pass to the final! In this weeks star magazine there is an interview with housemate Danielle's best friend. I didn't like Danielle at the beginning, I couldn't understand how she can say she is a dedicated christian and has traditional views on sex and marriage and yet is a glamour model? That aside, I think she has really been bullied by Helen and I do feel really sorry for her. I think she is someone who will grow in popularity and could make it to the final. Hopefully it wont be as straightforward as you would think with the pass to the final and eventually Helen gets stripped of it. 

New Magazine - Chantelle Houghton. 
I think Chantelle looks fine in all of these pictures. I really do think people should look however they want too, it is their body and their decision but I don't like how people seem to make money out of gaining and losing weight over and over again through magazines and DVD deals. The first picture is of Chantelle at the end of last year when she said she had gone up to a size 14/16. I don't think there is anything wrong at all with that size but she said she wanted to loose weight. The second picture is when she had lost weight, around 2 stone. Now she says she has gained the weight she lost. Like I said, I don't think there is anything wrong with a size 14/16 but in the first and last picture she is doing the same run, in a similar bikini. She is wearing bikini tops that give her no support and she is running in a way that shows off her weight gain. I think she would absolutely fine if she just had a good fitting bikini! I don't think she would look like she had gained any weight! It looks like she knows what to do to get herself in the magazines, she knows if she wears a certain thing or runs a certain way her body is going to look different and of course there was paparazzi there to take those photos. 

Also in the magazine this week there is double page spread on Victoria and David Beckham. This year they are celebrating there 15th wedding anniversary! I think these two are the ultimate couple and I love them. Everyone criticizes Victoria for not smiling enough and all sorts of other things over the years but I really like her and I think she just shines when she is with David and her children. 
What do you think to this weeks gossip?

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