Monday, 7 July 2014

My Dream Home...

Although it is probably a few years off, I already have in mind the sort of house I would like us to rent/buy so I wanted to blog about it and show you some of the things I'd like one day! Ideally I'd like a 4 bedroom house as I want a few kids and I definitely want a big garden but we're not really sure what we'll get at the moment. We live in a flat now so I actually hate it in summer when it's so hot and we have no garden to go and sit out in so just any house with one would be amazing.

To start with we are going to look at renting a 3 bedroom house which should be possible and then we should have chance to save and get a bigger place a few years down the line. 
I would love something like these 3. I like the modern look on the outside but with a cosy feel on the inside. There are so many nice ideas that I see on pinterest that I could just picture in a house like these. 

Main Bedroom. 
I would love to have a dressing table in the main bedroom, it is something I have never had and I just have so many things and they need to go somewhere! I am really getting into beauty products at the moment, so my make up collection and nail varnish collection is growing! Something like this Traditional Dressing Table in Ivory from Argos would look lovely in a cream/beige coloured bedroom. For me cosy bedding is a priority when it comes to our bedroom, I love to get all warm and snug at night and I am loving this Knit Linen Effect one from Argos. I just think it makes the bed look so cosy and I love this sort of pattern on things. I think it would look great on the Portofino Bedstead from Next. I think this is just gorgeous and as I want the house to have a real homey feel and this would definitely do that. 
I would really like a big kitchen, but as we live in a flat anything compared to ours will be huge! I love baking and cooking and I know it will be something I do almost every day, especially when we have children. I love the thought of being at home doing the cooking and cleaning (old fashioned I know) and having food ready for when people get in from school and work. I just love making things for others and having the time and space to do these things will mean I can only get better at them, and hopefully do something like that as a job. I could bake for hours so the main thing I will be looking for is a Kitchen Aid. Obsessed with them. I'd also love to have an island in the middle of the kitchen for people to sit around or to put things on when im cooking! 
I love this Kitchen Aid and the colour would go well in just about anything, I think is definitely the type I will go for when I get one. I love how all of these kitchens are modern but they still suit a family, I really don't know what colour scheme we would go for with a kitchen but I do like the black worktops on the island in the last picture. I would also really like something similar to this Lace Edge Jug from Next. Using one of these to hold utensils or baking items would be a little different. I also think some of these would look great in a living room next to a fireplace with flowers in. 

Living Room. 
I want the living room to be somewhere that everyone can feel comfortable at any time of day. I want it to be filled with candles, a big settee and chair, a coffee table, a fireplace, and loads of other things! I want it to be somewhere that we can relax at night but also somewhere that children can play in during the day. 
I love the feel this picture of a living room gives you, it is almost exactly how I picture how ours will be, just maybe not as white! Probably not a great colour if there are going to be kids! I love this Hand Painted French Mirror from Not On The High Street. I think it is so pretty. The 3 Framed Canvas is from Matalan is this is definitely the sort of thing I would buy for our home.

I can't wait to have a house which we can decorate and make our own, I love home decor and interior design so thinking up ideas for every room is going to be fun! I wanted to do ideas for a boy and girls bedrooms and a bathroom but I think i'll do another post on that some other day. 

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Unknown said...

It's best to realize what you want your dream home to amount to, as early as now. Getting inspired by several lovely inspirations like those should give you a boost and get you started. Anyway, I'm sure you'll be able to build your dream home soon, Tiffany. Wishing you all the best on that regard! :)

Sheldon Ward @ Brett Halvorson and Associates

Make My House said...

Your home is looking awesome. You can use other Home Design also for interior changes.

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Aruna shinde said...

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