Monday, 14 July 2014

A Week In My Life...

This week hasn't been the most interesting so i'm not sure whether people will enjoy this sort of post but I thought I would start doing something like this where I share our pictures from the week and tell you what we've been upto! I don't know how regular they will be but I love seeing stuff like this from other people! As George has finished uni until September we are back in Sheffield for a few weeks and as we have very little money we don't always get the chance to go out so expect some days to be quite samey and just a home!

Monday 7th July. 
We had a chill day and didn't do much, we had a walk to the supermarket for ingredients for tea but that is about it. We made Chilli for tea for 7 people! I have never cooked for that many people before but everyone enjoyed it and it turned out well! I love cooking for others so hopefully I'll get to do it a bit more while we're back.
Tuesday 8th July. 
George had ordered me a present for our anniversary and it was Redpop! My favourite drink! It is an american drink so is hard to find in shops, we literally can't find it anywhere so he ordered it online. A bracelet also arrived from Not On The High Street which I think is so pretty!
Wednesday 9th July.
We went our for a meal for our three year anniversary that was actually on Sunday. We went to Harvester and to Meadowhall so we bought a few things! I did a post about this a few days ago if you want to know a bit more.
Thursday 10th July. 
My feet and legs were aching so bad from all the walking we did around meadowhall, wearing sandals wasn't a great idea! I love relaxing and doing nothing sometimes so that's what I did! I read through loads of magazines and managed to pick a story from each for my celebrity gossip post.
Friday 11th July.
Today I had a lie in while George went on fifa! I had no idea of the time so I wasn't up until half 11. Again we didn't really do much but we did go to the shops with Charlie and Alfie and picked a few things up. We also had a few games on fifa and discovered I am amazing at it! I'm also pretty good at WWE too ;) Charlie and Alfie have a cat, named Shade and she has been chilling too. She is unbelievably cute.
Saturday 12th July.
George made me bacon this morning for breakfast which was very nice. I just love bacon. We had quite a chilled day which was nice.
Sunday 13th July.
We baked with the boys and made Rice Krispie Squares, White Chocolate Rice Krispies and a Chocolate Cake. I love baking with them so much. The Rice Krispie squares were amazing.
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