Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Wall Art Wishlist...

I love home accessories as I am sure you all know by now, one of my favourite things to add to the home though is wall art. Whether that is a canvas, mirror or picture frame, I love pretty things all over the walls. One day I would like a wall dedicated to photos, just frames and frames of memories, from being a child to being a grown up! Maybe in the living room or I think it would look great on a staircase. I like the thought of having pictures of me and George as a child, us as a couple, our families, our holidays, our wedding, friends and our children throughout the house for everyone to see and to remind us of all of the good memories and good things we have. I absolutely love Nexts homeware range, I know I have blogged a lot about their home products but they just keep adding more and it has been a few months since the last one... 

If you are a lover of homeware and interior design like me, you'll understand why I am always looking for more and more things to add to our home. One blog post on these things is never enough and I am sure there will be many more in the months to come. 
I think the White 12 Aperture Ornate Frame and Sentiment Collage Frame are both great for holding lots of different photos and these are frames that I would probably put on the staircase walls. The Shelf Frame Set is probably one of my favourite things that I have found on Next, I love the colours and how simple they are. I would put these next to the fireplace with some nice photos in or on a shelf on the wall, maybe above it? I seriously love this set. 
I love Autumn so much so the Photographic Tree Canvas Set is perfect and I just love this Framed Home Print. 
I love having nice wording or quotes up, not that there is many at the moment, but I think sometimes they are better than an actual picture and just something to make you smile. The I Love You Canvas is so sweet and the colours are pretty and the Laughing Canvas is so simple but I love it and again I think the colour is really nice. 
I think this Rustic Key Hook is so cute and would be great for the hallway for when you just walk through the door and need somewhere to hang your keys and other little things. It is only £10 too! The Cut Out Wall Clock is different to other things I have seen but I would really like this in a nice, modern kitchen! I love the wooden effect and the colour of it and it would go well in any room. 

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Unknown said...

Your blogs really good :)

Tiffany Timms said...

Thank you! xx

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