Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Braving The Bold Lip...

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I am loving wearing a bold lip at the minute, though it has took a while for me to get there and feel comfortable with it! I am quite a shy person so for me to use something which might make me stand out a little bit more, though in no way I am special to look at, scares me quite a lot. I see so many girls braving the dark shades all the time and I have always wished I could try it and look like them but I have realised that I just need to do what suits me and slowly incorporate new things into my daily make-up bit by bit and if something doesnt look right, I know for next time! I know for a fact most of the things I see on other people just wouldn't suit me, I know my own style but there is nothing wrong with taking a bit of inspiration from a look you've seen and improvising it and making it your own. That is what I have tried to do with the Bold Lip. 
When I first knew I wanted to try it, I did have a little read online to see if there was any tips or tricks to it and I am so glad I did. I found Essie Buttons Autumn Get Ready With Me, as I mentioned in my Weekly Favourite #3 and she mentioned when applying a dark lipstick to use a make-up brush and add a small amount first. This way you can build it up if there isn't enough or leave it if you are happy with the result and want quite a subtle look. She also suggested dabbing with your fingertip and blending it in and then adding a gloss on top if you want too. I followed this and I think it turned out okay! I also spotted a few tips on Makeup.com. 

1. Stand out with your pout. 

If you prefer red, pink or fuschia, there is a bold colour for everyone, even the shyest of girls. Depending on what looks good with your skin tone, choose a hydrating formula lipstick that has staying power. I chose to use the No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in the shade Classic Rose. It was too dark for me when just applied with the stick but I used Essies tip and used a makeup brush and applied a bit at a time. I agree with this point that there is a colour for everybody, I might venture out and try a few other darker shades soon but for now this one is perfect!

2. Minimise the eyes. 

When rocking a bold lip, it is essential to balance it out with minimal eye make-up. Use a little bit of liner, mascara and if you are using eye shadows, go for softer colours. This way your lips really stand out and are the main attraction! I am really not somebody who wears a lot on their eyes, some people just pull off the smoky eye or the classic nudes but I am so awful at it. I look like I have two black eyes, this is down to just not practising enough and not having the correct techniques. It is definitely something I want to learn how to do though, one step a time! I have just started to branch out with my foundation/bronzer and now the lips so I don't want to do it all at once. I just stick to mascara and sometimes liner on my eyes but I would like to get a good nude pallette soon to start me off and maybe one day I can do the smoky eye with no problems! If anybody can recommend any great palettes that would be so helpful!

3. Use a highlighting blush.

There is nothing worse than using a blush that is too dark or the wrong shade for the look you are going for. When wearing a bold lip during the daytime, skip the dark blushers and go for a sheer blush which could also be used as a highlighter. A blush that has a slight sparkle and sheen to it will give you enough shimmer to accentuate your lip colour without overdoing it. Cream and powder blushes are both perfect for pairing with a statement lip. I would definitely like to get some sort of highlighting blush soon, for now I just use a normal nude/pink shade and it does the job for me. I am really not wanting something too special but I would like to get a nice highlighter to just give me a bit of shimmer and add to my overall look for the day. 

Are you brave enough to rock the Bold Lip?

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