Friday, 10 October 2014

My Dream Wedding - Inspiration from Pinterest #2

Last week I started off this series of posts each focusing on a different part of my dream day. If you want to catch up on last weeks you can read it here. The second post of my dream wedding is all about the dresses.


I think I already have quite a clear idea of the dress I would like, this could change over time though, I can be quite indecisive sometimes! I know I definitely want some sort of lace on my dress and maybe even on the shoes too. I just love how it looks, so elegant and classic yet different to plain white dresses.
All images taken from Pinterest.
I would love the whole dress to be lace but if that doesn't suit me I would like to try it on sleeves, whether these be long sleeves or just thick shoulder straps. I think most people loved Kate Middleton's dress and I love the sleeves on that. I think it really suited her and lace looks good on the majority of people. I will definitely be trying some dresses that are different to just strapless ones. I also love the look of a sparkly belt around the waist. I think this would be great if you don't have much detail on the dress but want something to make it look special. I actually really love my waist, it is quite tiny and I want to accentuate that if I can in my dress. 
All images taken from Pinterest.
I love the back detail on this first dress, it is unique and I like the way the bottom of the dress just flows down to the ground. The second and third picture are very different to each other but I love them both. I think the detailing of the sleeves on both of them is just so pretty. 
All images taken from Pinterest.
I think the shoes are going to be the tricky part for me. I just can't walk in heels, I try and I either fall or end up walking so so slow. It just isn't worth the trouble sometimes! I do love the look of these two pair of heels though, they're just beautiful. I am not tall so I do need some sort of heel on the day, i'm worried a long dress will just drown me so I need something to make me stand a bit taller. I do really like these lace flats though. They're so pretty! I would wear these any time, not just for a wedding! I'd definitely consider something like this because I just can't see myself being able to walk down an aisle without falling. 

Have you got a dress in mind for your big day? Next week I am going to blog about the food and the cake I am hoping for on the day so I hope you come back for that!

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