Thursday, 30 October 2014

My Dream Wedding, inspiration from Pinterest #4


I mentioned in my first post about my dream wedding that I think we will probably go abroad or at least to a different city in the UK when we get married. So regarding the honeymoon, it all depends on where we end up choosing for the venue. I think if we decide to go abroad we will probably just extend our stay and that be the place where we spend our honeymoon or fly somewhere else after the wedding. I'm really not sure, I really like the idea of going somewhere like Greece to get married and as it was so nice the last time I went there I think I would be quite happy to stay for an extra week or so for the honeymoon.

If we decide to go to Gretna Green in Scotland, which I think is the most likely at the moment, we would probably spend some time there as it seems like such a nice place and then maybe go onto another country for a week. I definitely think we would want a few days to explore.
Images taken from Google.
I think it all depends on our situation at the time, I definitely want to go somewhere hot but as we're not officially planning anything just yet, I think we'll just decide where nearer the time.

Have you got a dream honeymoon in mind?

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Rachel Marie said...

ooo these pictures make me want to go on a nice holiday! x

Tiffany Timms said...

Me too :) x

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