Friday, 28 November 2014

Degustabox - November...

Firstly, I was so happy to receive my Degustabox earlier than normal this month! It was nice little surprise to see this at the door one morning, it is normally around the 27th/28th it arrives but it was actually the 25th so a nice few days early! Degustabox is something I look forward to every single month so I was very happy. Aswell as the early delivery, again I was so impressed with the contents of this box. They really do just get better and better. 

As I was so desperate to open the box I didn't get chance to take any pictures and a few of the products have now been opened so these pictures are from the Degustabox site. 
The Pip Organic Juice was one of the first things we tried when we opened the box, we received two and we actually still have one left. The problem with not having our own place at the minute is that stuff really is just everywhere and gets forgotten about so I can't wait to move in, have loads of cupboards and actually get everything out the boxes and see what we have! I think the second one of these will have gone before then though, we got the Cloudy Apple flavour. How happy were we to see that they had included 5 Lindt Melting Moments!! This is Georges favourite chocolate so I was definitely more pleased for him than me, I do like it but it wouldn't be my first choice. These did go extremely quickly, they really do just melt in the mouth. I love the christmassy packaging too. Kents Kitchen Flavour Shots were included this month, I love getting things like this which are just so simple to use, we got the BBQ flavour and it will be perfect to add to chicken and make something a bit different! You can get them in 4 other flavours, hot and spicy, fajita, thai green and garlic and coriander. Last month Kents Kitchen meal kits were included and I got the Stir Fry kit which I have still yet to use! Always handy to have though. Cool Dawn Recovery Drinks aren't something I have seen before but they do look interesting. This is a herbal detox drink that help prevent and cure hangovers. I hardly ever drink so I can't see me needing these any time soon but again they are handy to have in and i'm sure a lot of people would find these useful. 
The Montano Cider is probably something I will be opening this weekend, I really wasn't sure what it was at first, it only says on the back that it is a cider but it does look nice. It is a really big bottle too. I am so excited to try the Holy Cow Currys! There is only one picture on the Degstabox site so not both of the ones I received are featured, I got the Madras Chettinad and the Korma, both look so good and will be great for an easy but tasty tea one night! The last thing was a Branston Caramelised Onion Chutney. This was definitely not something we were going to eat so we have passed it over onto somebody who will. 

With this months box there was definitely less products than previous boxes, or so it seems but it does seem like more expensive products were added so really you it doesn't matter, you still get your moneys worth every month. Degustabox never disappoints me, the only thing I could fault with this months was that there was no baking products included as there seems to have been something every month for a while now but I do already have loads of baking ingredients so maybe its a good thing! 

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