Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Next Homeware Wishlist...

With us hopefully moving into our new place in a few weeks I have obviously been looking for some new homeware items. We do already have loads of stuff but as it is all out of sight at the minute and packed away, its hard to know what we do and don't have so I think a lot of the stuff I want will have to wait until we already in and settled. As this place will be more of a home than our last place (this has more than 1 room so instantly better) and is somewhere we want to stay for a few years, I really want to make it feel like ours and add things that just make it feel nice and cosy. This is so important to me in the winter months, and its Christmas!!! I doubt we'll be able to have a big Christmas tree this year, we'll make do with our tiny one, but because of that there are other things I would like to get for that real Christmas feel. I have seen loads on Next recently, some of these are for the Christmas period and others are things I would like all year round. 
 I have been wanting something like these Red Berry Twigs for ages to go in the corner of the living room, I think they would go well in this Silver Crackle Vase. The Glitter House is also something I have been wanting for a while, I love that you just switch on the little lights in the house and it just instantly looks so pretty, perfect to light on cold dark nights! I would have this on at the same time as this Fragranced 3 wick candle. This will be good even when the candle has burnt down as it is one that can hold other tealights and come out every winter, I love the colour and design of it. I would put the Cosy Bunting in the bedroom just above the bed, I can imagine it now and think it would look so great.
Something that I would put on a shelf in the living room is the Red Xmas Tree, even though it is just a simple sign I think it stands out and you wouldn't need much else next to it, maybe just a candle or some pretty fairy lights. I would put the Luxury Fragranced Pot Pourri in a clear dish on the coffee table in the living room. I am already set on a having a nice dish full of pot pourri on the coffee table, it just fills the room with such a lovely scent and I think it looks nice too. I love the colours of this one. The Snowman Wreath would go on one of the main walls in the living room, again something to light the room up at night, I haven't seen anything like this before, I love how different it is to things I would normally get. The Home Plaques are perfect for me. This is something I would be drawn to in the shop, I don't know why, I just love having things up that really make the place feel like our own and again this would be in the living room. It is also the sort of colours we are going for. I really want to get some new photo frames for when we move to put all of our pictures in and the Rustic Collage Frame is great! This is so different to what we have now and I love that it has that christmassy touch to it but it is also one that can be kept us all year. 
The Sentiment Plaque would go great with the rustic collage frame I have just mentioned. Again the colours are brilliant for this time of year, I also love the message on it. The Present Box is probably more for people who have kids but I just love it and want it for myself! How cute would it be to put all of our presents in their and just pull them out one by one. The last things I saw were these Red Heart Flutes. These would be really good for a class of wine or whatever you fancy, I like the heart design and I also really like the Red Berry Table Tree. I am not sure where this would go, maybe in the bedroom somewhere or the hallway but I think it is a little different to a normal Christmas tree and something that could come out every year. 

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