Thursday, 27 November 2014

#NextmasWishlist Competition...

My last post was a homeware wishlist featuring Next on my blog, but I saw minutes after posting that they are doing a competition for the Christmas period. Sorry you are getting two similar posts straight after each other but I had to get involved as the winners will receive something at random that they have included in the blog post, there are so many things I want so it would be lovely to be one of them. If you want to enter, the details are over on the Next Blogger Network.

The things I choose are all going to be homeware, with us moving I am looking for so many new things and Next seem to have loads! I'm sure you will see straight away that a lot of these things are either bronze, wooden or in that sort of style, it's the colours I am trying to go for this time!
I really want to get some new bedding when we move, there's nothing wrong with what we have at the moment, I just feel like we've had the others for a while and I think this Natural and Ginger Bed Set is so perfect. It looks so cosy! Perfect for winter. The Home Plaque is something I mentioned in my last Next post but it is exactly what I want! I already have a place where I could put it! Though I did see the Hammered Disc Plaque and thought that would look just as good, it is so different to anything we have had before too, I love it. Again I have a place ready for the Relax Tealight Block, how good would this be for the bathroom? I have missed baths so much and our new place actually has one! I no longer just have to have showers so I can't wait for relaxing baths at night with candles on. Staying with the colour theme, I really like this Glisten Rug for the living room
I need a new vase for the living room and this is something different to what I have had before, I love the Champagne Crackle effect and a huge bouquet of flowers would look great in this. The Domed Wall Clock is £25 and I think this a great price for a clock which looks like it costs so much more. I definitely want a new clock for the kitchen wall and this is the one! The Heart Knife Block is something we need. I would like a proper knife set and I think this is so cute. Probably a bit girly but it doesn't matter. 
The last things I saw would both be for the living room, the Distressed Wood Collage Frame and the Lit Bell Heart Wreath. I love the heart wreath! It was in the Christmas section but I would keep it up all year round. 

I would be so happy to win any of these things! I love them all and it was very hard to keep it to 10 items! 

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