Monday, 10 November 2014

The Body Shop - Offers and Discounts...

I am such a huge fan of The Body Shop, I could shop there every week and still find something I need to buy. I am always browsing their site and adding things to the basket but never actually ordering them! Last night I decided to go for it as they currently have a great offer on, buy 2 gifts get 2 free, this saves you quite a bit of money and great as it is coming up to Christmas. As I am signed up to The Body Shop and have a member card I also received 10% off and got free delivery! It is so easy to sign up for one of these cards, I definitely recommend you do next time your in store or online, it only costs £5 and you get some great benefits all year long, including a free gift every year on your birthday and I think I got a free gift for signing up too. It is well worth the money. 

With the buy two, get two free deal you choose 4 products as normal and then apply the discount code at the end, if you have a membership card your 10% discount is applied automatically too. The first thing I decided on was the Glazed Apple Treat Box, this includes Shower Gel, Body Butter and a Crinkle Bath Lily. The price is £7, same as the Frosted Cranberry Treat Box which was something else I chose. The next thing I saw which I thought was a really safe option was the Jingle Gels Sleigh. This has a Satsuma Shower Gel, Mango Shower Gel, Strawberry Shower Gel and a Moringa Shower Gel. I love all of these! I could quite happily keep this for myself but I think this will be one I give to someone else, hopefully they will like at least a few of the scents included! The last thing I wanted to get was the Wild Argan Oil Beauty Bag. I have been wanting something from the Argan Oil Range for a while now so I think this set might have to be the one I keep for myself, it includes Shower Gel, Body Butter, Body Scrub and a mini Crinkle Bath Lily. I think this is a great deal in itself that it is only £12 for the Argan Range but I was more than happy to pay it knowing I would be getting some of the other things free! 
Overall the total cost was £18 which is amazing considering it would have been over £35 without any discount and including full price postage. I love that The Body Shop always have some sort of discount available, even if that is just the 10% you get from the membership card, there prices are not too expensive anyway! I am pretty sure that I will be giving one of the treat boxes to somebody and the set of shower gels, I did have people in mind when I chose these so hopefully they will like them! I am starting to put a list together to work out who we need to buy for this year and what we're getting them so at least now I have something covered!

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Stephanie said...

The Love Your Body is the best membership I've found to a shop. I went in and checked out the new Christmas stuff and the Glazed Apple range smells incredible! You'll love it :)

Steph -

Tiffany Timms said...

It's great isn't it, I am so glad I decided to get it. Ooo good, I thought it sounded amazing! :) x

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