Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Charm and Gumption Wishlist...

I have found a new site and I am in love. I want everything. 

Last week I found the site Charm and Gumption, I had no idea what it was but now I am obsessed. It is an Etsy type site, you can actually get a few of these on Etsy as the actual site is american and I'm not sure what the costs would be and the situation with shipping but I am just so in love with this site that I don't think I even care. They sell prints, mugs, t-shirts and a few other things all with quirky quotes and sayings. If anyone knows of a UK version or a site similar to this please let me know because it's just amazing. 
Like A Boss Notepad, My Favourite Position is CEO Mug, Be Brave Print, Bloggers Gonna Blog Print, What Would Beyonce Do Mug, Like A Boss Mug. 

I would love the Bloggers Gonna Blog Print. I would put it in a plain frame, on a shelf in our spare room/office above the computer. I think it would look so good!

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Unknown said...

Love the 'Like A Boss' Mug... I probably need that lol xxx

Tiffany Timms said...

Me too haha xx

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