Wednesday, 3 December 2014

What I Actually Want For Christmas...

I have done a few homeware wishlist posts recently but I haven't done an actual post on any other things I would actually like for Christmas. There are quite a few things, I did give George quite a long list! But I am looking forward to seeing what there is that I haven't suggested, I love the element of surprise with presents! 
Even though we aren't likely to get married for a few years, we can still get planning, it's strange because before we were engaged we had ideas anyway but now it all feels much more definite and I really want to start making proper plans, I love this Wedding Planner from Hobbycraft, it is a bit jokey and not as formal as others but I just really like it. The Winnie the Pooh mug is so cute! I seem to have a bit of an obsession with winnie the pooh things all of a sudden, I want mugs, pyjamas and just today I saw some slippers too! I love collecting mugs and I want loads of different ones, I have never had one from the Disney store either and it's a really good price. For the last few years now at Christmas I've got some sort of recipe book from at least one person and hopefully I'll get one again this year from somebody, I have too many already but I cook almost everyday and I want to get back into baking a few times a week when we move. Paul Hollywood has a few books out and I would be happy with any, this one caught my eye though as it has a few basic recipes in and I want to get really good at certain things before I move onto more complicated things! I really would be happy with any book though. The Soap and Glory Ultimelt is a random thing I saw a few weeks ago online. I have been wanting a hot cloth cleanser for ages, it might sort my skin out a little bit. I had a Liz Earl one a while ago but never got round to repurchasing it and this one has quite good reviews. Is anyone else obsessed with One Directions new album? I have heard quite a few of the songs online already and I am desperate to get it, the songs I have heard have been replayed so many times and I think the same will happen with the rest if I get it. I think it is their best yet. Who doesn't love a Yankee Candle? I buy candles way too much, I have so many! I know I don't need anymore but the Fireside Treats is one I have been wanting for ages. I love the picture on the front of it too, just perfect for Christmas. 
The Other Woman is one of the best films I have watched, I laughed so much through this and it was a real girl power film! I even did a review of it on my blog I loved it so much, you can read that here. I know if I had this on DVD it would be one I would watch loads, like Bridesmaids, I never get bored of that film and this is one of those films that can be watched so many times and still be funny. Another film I would love to get is Begin Again. I really wanted to see this in the cinema and we never got round to it but I know it is one I will love. It has Adam Levine in it, do I need to say much more? That man. Next, as much as I love cooking and baking I have never made a pie. I have always wanted to and just never been brave enough to do it, I have the time on my hands I just don't have the space, the ingredients, there's always a problem as to why I can't but I saw this set from Next and thought it was perfect. You get a ceramic dish, herbs, a blackbird funnel and a recipe card. Lush had to featured on my Christmas list. I could shop there everyday and still find something I haven't yet tried. I ran out of Snow Fairy last week and I am missing it already, I hate that it is only out at Christmas time but then it is nice to look forward to it every year aswell! The Butterbear is so cute and I think that has been my favourite Christmas product this year, it just looks adorable. I want to stock up on these before they go away again for another year. 

The final thing is so random and probably impossible to get but it is The Greatest Store In The World DVD. Does anybody else remember this? It is a really old film and I remember watching it year after year on tv when I was little and for ages now I have been trying to remember the name of it so I could watch it! I know its probably hard to find, it would be great if its on at some point this Christmas. I'm sure it might have been on some channel either last year or the year before, most old Christmas films are shown so hopefully this will be one of them!

What are you hoping for this christmas?

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- Karen said...

Such cute picks - especially the Winne the Pooh mub and Butter Bear bathbomb! I always recommend 'The Other Woman' to people too - love it! :D

Style Sunrise ☀


jeanne christine said...

Great list! Enjoy wedding planning!

Tiffany Timms said...

I know so cute! Love the Butterbear bathbomb :) x

Tiffany Timms said...

Thanks! :) Can't wait to get started :) x

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