Sunday, 18 January 2015

My Favourite Wedding Pins...

I have mentioned before that I love Pinterest. I go on it everyday and my 'boards' literally have hundreds and hundreds on pictures in them. As I have so many boards I wanted to just pick a few and do a blog post on each, the first one being my wedding board. As you can imagine this is just full of so many pictures of dresses, rings, food, just everything that is involved with a wedding and as we have started planning and have a few things decided I thought it was quite appropriate. 
All images taken from pinterest.
These two pictures are some of my favourites on Pinterest because they are both just about the two of them. We know we want a really quiet wedding, like really quiet! Literally a few people there, some family members and some friends and that will be it. The thought of walking down the aisle and everyone looking at me makes me feel very sick, I don't think I could do it so there really can't be loads of people there. We really just want it to be about us too, as it should be. Nobody else should matter, for a long time we have put other people first instead of us who really didn't deserve it and they would just cause drama or ruin it and that is not happening on our wedding day. I would honestly be happy for me and George to just go to a registry office, get married and go on honeymoon! For us it is just about having the same name and been husband and wife, we don't need a fancy wedding in a fancy venue. 
I know I want lace somewhere on my wedding dress. I have already seen loads of dresses I like so I do have some sort of image of what I want what they look like on is another thing. I'm not planning on actually trying any on for a good few months yet as I am not where I want to be bodywise but I am on the right track so hopefully it won't be too long. I honestly have so many pictures of dresses on my pinterest so choosing just a few to show what I like was difficult! I love sleeves on a wedding dress, probably not full length but 3/4 looks so pretty, I really do not like my arms much at the moment so having them out is something else that makes me feel ill! I just can't wait to wear a wedding dress and hopefully one day pass down to my daughter/s. 
I love the thought of writing each other a little note to give to each other on our wedding day. I think one saying how many days we have been together or loved each other is just so romantic and something you can keep forever. I also saw a little book on pinterest titled 'reasons I want to marry you'. I would love to get one of these and fill it and hand it over on our wedding day, how cute would it be for both to have one of these and then hand them over to each other. The picture of the dog might be a bit random but I am so desperate for a dog, I really am. Golden retrievers are just adorable, I am in by myself most days and I just love the thought of having a dog to walk everyday and just look after. They have so much love for people and it really would just make me so happy, even happier than I already am. I think a dog would really help me with my anxiety too, it would give me a reason to leave the house everyday and just get me interacting with more people and generally just making things better. The point of me including this picture is because if we did have a dog before we got married, it would have to be at the wedding! Some people might think this is really weird but I have grown up with a dog, who I now don't live with and miss very very much and I would see them as part of the family so why wouldn't they be there?! Everybody is different and for me it would make the day even better. You can laugh at me if you want too. The last picture I love
because how good will it be to finally say we are married, both be wearing wedding rings and have the same last name. 

I just can't wait.

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Unknown said...

Exciting times ahead for you Hun xxx

Tiffany Timms said...

So excited! :) xxx

Anonymous said...

How exciting! I'm obsessed with wedding photography especially vintage effect photographers :) you should look up the promise on Facebook although it's Northern Ireland they have some really amazing photos and ideas :) x

Tiffany Timms said...

I'll definitely have a look :) x

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