Thursday, 15 January 2015

Next Homeware Wishlist...

We've recently bought some new things for the flat and I really am so happy with it. It feels so nice and cosy now but there are still a few other things I am hoping for soon. Next are one of the best places to go for Homeware and everytime I look on their website I find loads and loads of things which I think would look great in the flat. 
We have a light in the hallway and one in the bedroom that really need something over them. I didn't even notice at first that there was no lamp shades on them but now it is really bugging me! I love this Lexy Easy To Fit Mini Shade for the hallway. The colours really go with what we have already in the hall and the living room so I think this would look really good. It is £20 which I think is really good given it looks so much more expensive than that. We do have quite a lot of glasses but we have had them for ages and they just don't look as good anymore so I am really wanting to get some new ones soon. I love this Set of Slogan Tumblers and it is only £7! Similar to the glass situation, I feel like all the bedding we have, we have had for ages and I just want to refresh things a bit and as were in a new flat, replace a few things and bedding is one of them. The Rustic Floral Set is so nice, I love the colours. This might seem a bit random but I love reed diffusers. I love that they can make the whole place smell so good, we currently have a frosted vanilla one in the living room which we got for christmas along with scented candles too and it smells so good. I really want some more for when that one runs out too, I love the colours of these diffusers from Next for £14. 
I love how different the Heart Collage Frame is, its nothing like what we have already and I just love the gold colour of it. It would really go with the colours in the living room and the walls are a bit bare at the minute so something like this would be great. As I mentioned above about needing new glasses, the same goes for mugs. I just love these Shimmer Mugs. So pretty! 
Again as the walls are quite bare, I really want something like this White Wicker Heart which actually has fairy lights in it. I already know where this could go and I think it would just look really pretty. The last thing I saw on Next was this set of 4 Etched Pattern Frames. I like that two of these have quotes/sayings in them and I think I would keep these in there and then put a photo in the other two. 

Next have some great things online right now so I would really recommend taking a look!

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Unknown said...

Oh we should share wishlist!! :) Love it! ps. Tiffany you were one of my first blogger google+ friends :)) It's nice to see you keep blogging! I have came back to blogging 2 months ago ! :) All best, Anna

Tiffany Timms said...

Aww thank you! I wondered whether you had stopped blogging! Glad to see you back :) x

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