Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Decorating the Bathroom...

After having only a shower in our old flat, it has been so good to move into somewhere with a bath! There was no way we were getting somewhere without one this time, I love nothing more than to get in the bath, watch some videos or netflix, with some magazines and just relax. That been said though, there are a few things that need doing and adding to the bathroom before it feels like it is done. 

The first thing we need is some sort of Overdoor Hooks, we've actually got some but they're pink and I think metal ones would look better. We could do with these in the bathroom as they are somewhere to hang the towels and also dressings gowns. It would just make things look a lot tidier. Something I really want is a new Dispenser and Toothbrush Holder. Quite boring things I know but again they would make things lot a lot neater in the bathroom and it would then mean we have more space in the cabinet we have up on the wall. I keep debating whether we actually need these or not, sometimes I think we are fine without them and we are, they're definitely not urgent things to get but then I see nice ones like these and think they look so good. 
Overdoor Hooks and Dispenser and Toothbrush Holder.
As I have so many Lush things e.g. bathbombs, shower gels, I really want a little basket at the side of the bath. This way I know where they all are and I can just pick things out when I want too. I love this set of 2 Paper Weave Baskets. The last things I really want is some new towels. Ours need replacing and I love the feel of new, soft towels. I think £20 for this 4 piece Cotton Towels is great! I have seen loads so much more expensive than that and probably not as good quality. I like them in the colour 'Chocolate' or 'Plum'.
Towels and Baskets.

I just want every room to be done now!

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