Monday, 2 February 2015

My Ideal Pamper Night...

After a stressful day, sometimes you need some TLC and a bit of a pamper evening.

When I am feeling particularly stressed I like to have a nice relaxing bath with some Radox or maybe a Lush product. I either use the Radox Sleep Easy or the Radox Stress Relief. It usually depends on how bad the day has been! I really notice a difference when I use the Sleep Easy one, it genuinely makes me sleep better and I just have a better night, I feel all calm. For someone who struggles with having a normal sleep pattern, I really recommend the Radox products, for me they just seem to work. If I was to use a Lush product, at the moment it would have to be the Butterbear. It definitely isn't the most exciting bath bomb in regards to bubbles and colours but it makes your skin feel so soft and again just calms you down a little bit. It is also adorable too, when I go into Lush I just want to buy them all. Unfortunately now christmas is over I have to wait until next year and hope that they are back! I know they still do the original Butterball but the bear is too cute. When I am in the bath I like to light some candles and watch a bit of Youtube or Netflix. At the moment I am loving American Horror Story, currently on season 3 and hooked!
After my nice bath, I like to get into my cosy pyjamas and dressing gown. I just have some soft Primark pyjama bottoms and a standard black vest. Primark is the place to go for pyjamas. I then like to sit and paint my nails. As I mentioned in my Winter Nails post, I am loving the dark toned colours as it is still winter I think! I went for the Rimmel Kate Moss Rock n Roll. I love this colour and I find it stays on so well. I then added some red glitter nail polish on top, i'm not sure of the name or anything, all I know is that its from H&M. I think I picked it up ages ago.

When we first moved in, we were just spending our nights unpacking boxes but now we can actually sit and relax and watch the soaps which is my favourite thing to do. I was so behind on Eastenders and Coronation Street but I am definitely caught up now. While we are watching TV I like to light a few candles, I say a few, we have so many, I have actually ran out of room for them all!

So that's my ideal pamper night, a bubble bath and a cosy night in front of the tv! What do you like to do on a pamper night?

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Anonymous said...

Love your post! makes me want to do a pamper night!


Tiffany Timms said...

Thank you! I love pamper nights x

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