Monday, 6 April 2015

Shaving Tips & Tricks...

This might be a bit of a random blog post but I was inspired by a video on Carly Musleh's Youtube channel and after trying it out I wanted to blog about it! Carly said in the video that when she was younger she didn't have anyone to talk to about these sort of things and its something she had to learn herself, I was exactly the same. Not everyone has a family member or friend who they would feel comfortable talking about shaving too, most like me just keep it to themselves! I think it's a great idea to write a post with a few tips for those who aren't really sure if they're doing it right and what products to use! 

Exfoliating - This is the first step and at the moment I am using a Baylis and Harding Body Polish which contains lots of little beads which scrub away any dead skin cells. This particular scrub has botanical extracts of cornflower, geranium and wild pansy and walnut shell to exfoliate, coconut oil for moisture and shea butter for softening so it smells amazing! My legs are already feel so soft and after using this and this is only the first step. If you want to try this exfoliater, I know it is sold on Amazon, I got it in a gift set and I always see things like that in places like Debenhams and House of Fraser. The Body Shop also do some great body scrubs in so many different scents. They always have some sort of sale on too so you can get them at a reasonable price. When you have exfoliated, wash it off and towel dry. 
Shaving Foam - I use the Bic Soleil Lady Travel Shaving Gel which smells so good! It's a really fruity scent. I only need to use a little bit of this as it spreads so well over my legs. This just generally helps with shaving and it makes it a lot easier to notice if you've missed any places! 
Clean Razor - I really recommend using a disposable razor. I use these all the time and its just so much more for your money. I have had the types before that have moisturising blades and things like that but given how long they last, to me it just isn't worth it. For a pack of disposable razors, its only about £1 which is great and they do last quite a while. I have so many in a draw that I haven't used yet! As long as your razor is clean, you should get a closer shave so softer skin. 
When you have done all of these steps, pat your skin dry with a towel as the skin is sensitive. You can then finish with a moisturiser, something like a Body Shop Body Butter, I have so many of these.

So thats my tips and what I've been doing for a while! It makes my skin so soft!

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