Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Body Beautiful - Lucy Mecklenburgh...

I am always a bit sceptical when it comes to celebrity fitness dvds, they all do the same thing and they're all just trying to make some extra money, in my opinion. The only one I would be really interested in buying is Charlotte Crosbys (from Geordie Shore) as she seems to have done really well and she looks amazing, Davinas' are also great too. I saw this book Body Beautiful by Lucy Mecklenburgh a few months ago and as I wanted to start eating better and exercising more I thought I would give this a go and the concept of a book about this, rather than a dvd was interesting. A lot of people might think she doesn't know anything about exercise or health and because she was on TOWIE and then went straight into this, a lot of people might be put off but I have been surprised by how good it is!
I have followed her on Twitter for ages and it looks like shes always been interested in this and she herself lost some weight and changed her lifestyle. She's really stuck to it! She also set up her own business Results with Lucy which seems to be constantly growing in popularity. 

I get this book out every so often and have a read, its one that you can just dip in and out of as there are so many different chapters about so many different things. Their is a section all about the foods your body needs, why certain things are good for you and why other things aren't. Simple exercise routines which are easy to follow are also included, there is one to follow if you're at home which I have done a few times and actually really enjoy. There is one for you to do at the park too if you prefer to exercise outside. Lucy also talks about how to boost your confidence, break bad habits and how to stay motivated. It's also full of recipes!

If you are looking to improve your diet or introduce some exercise then I really recommend this book. I am someone who really struggles to find motivation to exercise, eating well isn't as much of a problem, but with both of these, this book can help. 

Have you got Lucys book? What do you think?

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Jasmin Charlotte said...

Ah sounds interesting! It reminds me of one I have by Cameron Diaz - the Body Book I think it's called? Definitely good to help motivate you when you need a bit of a kick to get working out! x

Jasmin Charlotte

Tiffany Timms said...

Yeah i've heard of that one by Cameron Diaz, was tempted to get it a while ago! Might have a look at it next and see how they compare! x

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