Monday, 18 May 2015

Ozeri WeightMaster Digital Scales*

Over the last few months I have been putting in a lot of effort into losing weight and following Slimming World. I do go off the rails a little bit sometimes but this is the most motivated I have been in a long time. When I was asked to review the Ozeri WeightMaster Bathroom Scales I was thrilled because my usual weighing scales are on their last legs and really weren't very accurate anymore and as I am currently trying to be a bit healthier I thought this was great timing!
I needed a good set of scales which would give me an accurate weight every week and this one is perfect. It Displays your BMI, current weight and it also changes colour depending on whether you've gained or lost weight. Red for a gain and green for a loss. Something I really love about these scales is that more than one person can use it and it will keep track of each persons weight. It doesn't need to be reset and there is no messing around. You don't need to do anything so it can differentiate between each person, it just does this by your weight. This means both me and George can use it and the scales just automatically know which one of us it is using it. 

When you stand on the scales it clearly gives you your weight in kg or you can have it so you can see what it is in pounds, I haven't managed to change this so I can see it in stones, I don't think this is possible on these scales which is a bit disappointing but all I do then is google what the pounds converts into stones. It takes seconds so its no real issue.
Theses scales have replaced my previous ones and I can't see myself using any others, I just trust the Ozeri Scales and believe every week that it is giving the correct numbers!

If you want to try these scales, they are available on Amazon and are currently £29.99 instead of £69.99!

* I was sent the product to review on Amazon, I chose to feature it on my blog and as always all words are my own and I wouldn't feature something unless it was relevant to me and my blog

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