Monday, 25 May 2015

Turning a bad day into a good day...

I'm someone who has bad days quite a lot. I can be so stressy and mardy and sometimes i'm just angry or sad for no reason, my anxiety plays a big part in this. When my anxiety is bad, my mood is bad. I've mentioned before that I go through phases with it and when its good, i'm fine but i'm generally a stressy person anyway, some people just are but anxiety really makes things 10x worse. Even when I am having a bad day though, I try to find one or two things which will cheer me up and hopefully make a bad day, good. 

1. Bubble Baths - I think everyone knows that a bubble bath can make everything better. I love to use something from Lush aswell as some stress relief Radox and I like to light a few candles and just lay back and relax. Sometimes I watch some youtube videos or go on my Instagram and twitter.

2. Read a Book - I love reading, its liking stepping into somebody elses life for a while and I just relax. I don't have to think about myself or anybody else for a while, it cheesy but you really can just escape when you read a book. I love magazines too but thats just for all the celeb gossip!

3. Go for a walk - I find that going for a walk can really help clear my mind and calm down. I love being outside and actually even when it's raining I love it. 

4. Have a nap - I love naps, sometimes when I am really stressed if I lay down, I just drift off for a while and I wake up in a better mood. 

5. Do something you love - This could be absolutely anything. For me, it's baking. I love baking and cooking and I try to bake once a week because I see it as 'me time' and it just relaxes me.
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What do you like to do if you're having a bad day?

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