Wednesday, 8 July 2015

My Thoughts On Adoption...

Following on from my blog post last week 'When is the right time for a baby?' I wanted to talk about adoption. I don't know loads and loads of information about it and its not something I'm planning any time soon but its something i'm really passionate about and I would love other peoples opinions and comments. 

As I mentioned in my post last week, I can't wait to have kids, I've said it on more than one occasion on my blog, you're probably getting sick of reading about it, but I am so maternal and so ready for it (probably not financially just yet) and I know I will be a good mum. Though I would love to have babies naturally, I know that doesn't happen for everyone. I've thought before about what I would do if I couldn't have children of my own, and as devastating as it would be and it would take a long time to come to terms with, I think I would adopt. In an ideal world, i'll have four babies of my own then hopefully foster or adopt children too, but life doesn't always work out like that so i'm prepared for things to not necessarily go to plan. 

There are so many children out there who are in need of a loving home and just want someone to look after them and love them and it actually hurts me when I see campaigns on programs like This Morning, talking about adoption, why you should do it and even showing specific children looking for a family. I feel like I already have so much love for any children that I might have, and that applies to any that we might adopt one day. I think it's a really big thing to do but an amazing one and how good would it feel to know you brought this child into your family and gave it a good life that it might not have had otherwise. Even if I can have babies myself, I still want to adopt one day. It's such an amazing thing to do and I admire anyone who has done it or is looking into it. I can just imagine myself with a house full of kids one day. 
Would you ever adopt? What do you think about it?

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Alexandra Richards-Jones said...

I think the exact same as you, would definitely adopt! I think it would be such a lovely thing to do to change a child's life x

Alexandra x x

Tiffany Timms said...

Definitely, so many children need a home so it would be amazing to be one of the people who can do that xx

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