Monday, 7 September 2015

Food I Have Been Loving This Week #4

So not the healthiest food ever this week...
1. One Pan Brownies - I put a recipe up for these brownies ages ago and I just kind of forgot about them but after making them last week, I definitely think they'll be something I make more often now. I think they were even better this time than before, they were so gooey and chocolately, I did add quite a lot of dark and milk chocolate so it all melted while it was cooking. I just want to eat them again now.

2. Heinz Fajita Beans - I am obsessed with these. I've been wanting to try them for ages and we finally got round to it a few weeks ago and now I just want them with everything. They're just a little bit spicy and different to normal beans and you can do a lot with them. I think they go with most things and we thought they might go really nice as like a curry with some chicken in with some rice. Just so good.

3. Breadchips - These came in last months Degustabox and I literally ate the whole bag straight away. They are from the Say Yes to No brand which claims there products have no 'false promises, fake colours, advertising lies, artificial taste or photoshopping'. I definitely felt less guilty eating these than I do a normal packet of crisps because you knew better things have gone into these, we got the sour cream and onion flavour and they were really good. I'll definitely be looking out for them in the shops. 

4. Aldi Brownie Ice Cream Lollies - If you haven't tried these, you need too! I love Aldi, there prices are amazing compared to some Supermarkets and they do some really good things, these included. We saw them a few weeks ago and we now pick them up whenever we're doing our shopping there. It's just chocolate ice cream, which is my favourite, covered in milk chocolate with crunchy brownie pieces, amazing.

5. Gingerbread Muffins - I've been thinking of christmas for months now but last week I decided to just go for it and do some christmas baking. It is September now so it isn't that far away. I found a basic bun recipe online then adapted it to suit my theme of christmas and they were actually so much better than I expected. I am going to post a full recipe for these a bit closer to christmas as its probably still a little too soon for some people. I think i'm going to make the mixture again soon and then bake it in a loaf tin rather than muffins as I think that would be so nice warm with ice cream!

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