Friday, 16 October 2015

Christmas Decoration Wishlist...

Last christmas we had only been in our flat for a few weeks so we didn't have many decorations and it was all a bit rushed, this year I really want to go all out, get a really good tree and some pretty decorations for the whole flat. I want it to be a proper cosy home this winter. As always Next have some amazing things in, last year I was lusting over all their Christmas stock and this year im exactly the same but I intend to actually get some of it this time! Matalan also have some great things and I've found something I love from Not On The High Street. 

The first thing we need is a tree, for the last few years we've just had a really tiny one as in Leicester we were in the tiniest flat and even now the flat is quite small and we don't have loads of room. I really want to get something similar to this Slim Emerald Tree from Next, I like the look of the slimmer trees and I think it would fit better in our living room. I also like the look of this Set of Copper and Black Baubles for £6. In our living room we have a lot of coppers, golds and reds so I think this colour would go really well. I love that a few of them are a rose gold colour too as I love that at the moment. The last thing I saw on Next was this Lit Wood Star, I would love this above the settee in the room, it would be so cosy having this on at night with candles while the tree is up!
Images taken from Next
A few things I saw on Matalan was the Christmas Botanical Diffuser and the Christmas Pot Pourri. I love Reed Diffusers, is that weird? I just think they look really pretty and they make a room smell amazing. I really like the look of this one from Matalan, so pretty and festive and I also love having pot pourri in the living room. I feel like its a really old fashioned thing to have but I've always liked it and since I got some last christmas I really want to get some more this year, I love the smell of christmas! The last thing I found on Not On The High Street was this Personalised Heart Map Decoration. I really like the thought of getting an usual or different bauble each year to put on the tree and I know this wouldn't necessarily 'go' with the other decorations but I think it would be really nice, as we lived in Leicester for a while, we've both been missing it quite a lot lately, I think it would be nice to get this in the location of Leicester and maybe get one from other places that are special to us. I don't know, I think its quite different and a nice idea for one year. 
Are you planning for christmas yet?


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