Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Weekend Summary #10 - Girl Problems and Lots of Cooking!

I finally start getting over my cold and then I get my period, sorry if its TMI but its real life and it happens and I hate it. I just had the worst stomach pains so there has been lots of hot bubble baths, chocolate and hot water bottles.

On Friday night I actually had a nice night in by myself as George went out for the night with some friends, at first I didn't know what to do with myself but I really enjoyed having a few hours to just chill and do what I want (not that I can't when hes in but you know what I mean). I had the nicest M&S Pizza, ran myself a bath, did some blogging and watched Gogglebox and ended up falling asleep before he got in. When George has the full weekend off work, I feel like we should take advantage of it and get out somewhere but when your not feeling great, there's nothing better than just having a relaxed weekend in. 

Saturday and Sunday were basically identical days, catching up on shows we've missed, cooking and not doing much else. Have you been watching You, Me and The Apocalpyse? We're loving it at the moment! I never expected the twist in the first episode but I wont say what it was in case you haven't seen it yet, I can't wait to see what happens to all the characters over the next few episodes as there seems to be loads going on. On Saturday night I made a risotto which I haven't made in ages, it so simple and it was so nice. I really should have taken a picture, I just used 150g of risotto rice, 1 pint of chicken stock, I started off with 500ml but ended up needing more than that, salt and pepper to season and I also cooked some chicken fillets then broke them up into chunks and added that when it was done. At the end I fried off some chorizo too which was a really nice and crispy!

On Sunday we made a Shepherds Pie, its normally just me doing the cooking but we did it together and it was really nice, George is actually alright at cooking ;) We literally got the potatoes chopped and into a pan to boil, started the mince in the pan then added big chunks of red onion, George likes the flavour of onion but doesn't like it when there's little bits so I thought if I just chopped it up into big pieces we would get the flavour but it was easy to take out before adding stock, I added about 500ml of beef stock then a bit of tomato puree to thicken it up. Salt and Pepper to season and then once it was all done, into a dish and then cheese on top to go all crispy! We served it with veg and a few Yorkshire puddings, we excelled ourselves, I want to eat it again now!
All the food this weekend was just delicious and definitely what I needed!

Did you do much this weekend?

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