Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Manchester - What We Bought!

If you saw my last post you'll know we went to Manchester recently for the Christmas Markets and a bit of Christmas shopping. I really wanted to do a full post on what we bought as the other one would have just been too long otherwise!

So, on the first night after we had been to the Christmas Market we went to the Arndale Centre, which is amazing by the way, I thought it wouldn't be as good as The Trafford Centre in Manchester but to be honest I really like it, there are still loads and loads of shops and I think The Trafford Centre is so big that its just impossible to get around! The Arndale is only a five, ten minute walk from our hotel too! 

The first shop we went in was Boots and I was so spoilt, I had been needing some new makeup for a while and George said just pick what you want, it was three for two so I picked up a few things. I got my usual foundation Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation, I got it in the shade Ivory this time as I think its just a better shade for my skin especially in the winter, I also got the Wake Me Up Concealer which I am loving after only using it a few times! The last thing I got from Rimmel was a Kate Moss Lipstick from the Nude Collection in the shade 42. I had been wanting to try one of these for ages! I also got another lipstick from Boots which was a Barry M one in the shade 168. I have been putting a little bit of both of these on my lips on top of my lipliner, it just makes the perfect colour for my lips, I love it. Also from Barry M I got the Hi Shine Gelly Nail Polish in Sugar Apple, which is a gorgeous mint green colour. The last thing I got was the Seventeen Define and Contour Kit. I had ran out of bronzer and wanted to try a proper contour kit so I could hopefully try and give myself some definition and it works! I am actually in love with this. We then went to Boots and picked up a few bath bombs to use that night as we had been walking so much! We got Stardust and Golden Wonder. They were both so nice and Golden Wonder made the water go a really pretty blue with gold stars in!
We picked up some Christmas Decorations while we were away, we went a bit christmas mad, we got things for the flat and also got most peoples presents sorted, we had so much to carry home! We went to Homesense which is actually the best shop ever, I had never been in one before, I just knew it was basically like TK Maxx which we went in afterwards, they had so many christmas decorations and candles, seriously the amount of candles they had, we were spoilt for choice! I picked up this red christmas tree candle for £3.99 I think, I don't even want to light it, I just want it to look pretty on the shelves! I also got another candle, a while pillar candle which has reindeer's and trees on in gold glitter, so pretty. This was £4.99 I think. The last thing I saw was this gold metal christmas tree, all of these things are already up in the living room, I love them! The gold metal ornament was £4.99 too. What I loved about Homesense was that it was all great prices and they're all discounted so all of these things were worth more than we got them for. I just wanted to buy everything. 
We went into Primark and bought so much stuff but I haven't photographed it all as theirs just too much. We got some Checked Christmas Bedding which I can't wait to put on, some Sweet Vanilla and Coconut Linen Spray, I had never seen this before but it smells so good, I've been spraying it on the bedding, clothes, everything. I also got some fluffy socks for £2, everyone loves fluffy socks, George got a christmas jumper which actually really suits him! and we got a few decorations for the tree. I love the angel wings, I think they are my favourite, they were £1.50 and the stag was also £1.50. The Candy Canes were actually from Clas Ohlson and I thought they would match all the other decorations well. 

We bought so much stuff while we were away, a lot of it being presents so I'm not going to put those on, we got some really nice presents from the Market which are so unique, I love all the different stalls selling little gifts as you're not going to find them anywhere else! Aswell as all of these things we also bought loads of food! We went for meals, we had christmas drinks, we bought stuff from the market, it was so nice.

We definitely want to do the Manchester Christmas Market again next year, I don't want there to be a year that goes by where we don't go because I just love it there and I want it to be our little tradition. I think we're going to go to London too next year like we did this year, this year we only went for a few days so next year we want to go for 4 or 5 days, there's so much to do there. We were planning on a big holiday next year but I think we're just going to do a few little weekends away like we did this year as we just have so much to save for at the moment and I like going on a few little holidays in the year, there's always something to look forward to then. 

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