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21 Things I Want To Achieve...

I thought as I have turned 21 this year I would do some sort of list of things I want to achieve over the next few years, some might not happen for a long time, some require saving quite a bit of money and some are things you just can't plan, but there is so much I want to do and I don't want things to pass me by. I wanted to do a 30 before im 30 list but I did struggle to think of that many things! So a list of 21 things I want to achieve, starting now.
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1. Work out what I want to do Career Wise - A few months ago I was offered a permanent job at the place I currently work (im just about to finish my apprenticeship) I've accepted and i'm happy for now but I have been thinking about the future and where I might choose to work. I definitely don't want a full on 'career' I want to focus on having a family but I definitely want to do a job where I can be promoted and 'move up' or at least feel like there is some opportunity for that. I work hard and I want to be working somewhere that appreciates that. 
2. Rent a House - I do love our flat but within the next year we definitely want to move and find somewhere a bit bigger where we can settle. I think we've settled on staying here until the end of next year just because we want to focus on a few other things this year. 
3. Buy a House - Our next place will hopefully be a house we can rent until we can afford to buy somewhere and we definitely want to aim to buy somewhere before we are 30. 
4. Learn to Drive - This isn't really a priority and i'm sure George will do his lessons first and pass but I definitely need to do it at some point, especially for when we have kids. 
5. Visit New York - This is something I have wanted to do for years and I know we will, hopefully next year, we just need to save! It seems more and more like it can finally happen now after wanting to do it for years. 
6. Get a Tattoo - I have wanted to get one for years but never known what I would want to have, I still don't!
7. Learn German - I feel like as I was born in Germany I should try and learn the language and its somewhere me and George both want to visit, especially at Christmas! We did both start learning a few months ago but gradually stopped so I want to get back into it. 
8. Pay off my student debt - I only went to university for a year, well less than that but I do have some debt which I want to pay off as any sort of debt just hangs over you until its gone.
9. Get Married - This is something we really want to do as soon as possible, its definitely a priority and we already have some plans in place! I've mentioned some of our plans on my blog before but I think a lot of it we'll probably keep to ourselves until its happened, I think a lot of people will just find out over social media, it's something we're determined to make just about us, a wedding can easily become about what everyone else wants, but we're so clear that we're doing it our way. I just can't wait. 
10. Have a family - This is probably quite an obvious one but in a few years time, we'll hopefully have a baby.
11.Visit Italy - There are so many beautiful places in Italy that we want to visit, we were only saying a few weeks ago it would be good to do one big trip and visit a few places at once.
12. Explore London - We've been to London a few times now and I'm sure we'll keep going back so I really want to visit as many places as possible and see all the things that London has to offer as there really is so much more than just the main attractions that we've already seen and done.
13. Donate to Charity - I definitely don't do enough for charity, and as i'm working for one, I should probably contribute more, I usually donate something to things like Children in Need and Comic Relief as they just get to me and I donate every month to Dogs Trust as I just love dogs but I definitely want to donate more to cancer related charities.
14. Make New Friends - I don't have many friends and I don't have a sister or anyone I could feel I could say i'm close to, so I definitely want to get out there and meet new people.
15. Find a way to cope with my Anxiety - I go through phases with my anxiety, for quite a few months I would say I have been a lot better but recently I've felt it creeping up on me again, i think a lot of it is down to stress and I have felt pretty stressed over the last few weeks. I definitely want to get a hold of it and make some positive changes.
16. Get Better at Saving Money - There are always things we need to save for but once we are settled in a house and have got the bigger things saved for, I just want to get into the routine of putting a bit away each month so if we ever need it or there's an emergency we know we have a backup, or if we decide we want to get away, we'll have already put money aside that we can afford to use.
17. Buy a Mini - I have wanted a mini for years and I am so adamant that I will have one one day, its my dream car!
18. Get better at throwing things away! - I keep way too much, there isn't room for all the stuff we have! Clothes I don't wear anymore, makeup I don't use, needs to be thrown away, I know there is so much stuff in the flat that should have been thrown away or donated to charity ages ago.
19. Start Baking Classes - I'm not sure whats available in my area like this but I love baking and I would love to get really good at it, I do it for the enjoyment but there are definitely some things I wish I was better at and baking is one of them.
20. Apply for Great British Bake Off - This is probably a really crazy one, and I am sure I would never actually get onto the show but I would love to at some point feel like I was actually good enough to apply for it and see what happens.
21. Stick to Slimming World - I don't really want to call it a diet because it doesn't feel like it, I love it when I follow the plan but sometimes I just go off the rails, when im sad or I've had a bad day I tend to turn to chocolate, im sure a lot of people do but I need to get out of that habit and properly stick to the plan because I know it does have amazing results and I would love to get back to feeling properly comfortable and happy.

Have you got a list of things you want to achieve?

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