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Clean Eating's Dirty Secrets - My Opinion.

I have always been a fan of Grace Victory and how open and honest she is with her audience, so I was really excited to watch her latest documentary Clean Eating's Dirty Secrets all about the new craze which is Clean Eating and whether it is really that good for us to cut certain foods out of our diet or if some people are just taking it too far. 
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It's hard not to get fixated on clean eating and crazy diets sometimes when there is now an array of bloggers and vloggers out there who are constantly preaching about clean eating (im not saying everyone who promotes clean eating is trying to force it on us) but a lot do almost bash other diets and certain foods just because they don't eat them, which I think isn't great given a lot of young people look up to them and are likely to be influenced by them. I'm all for a balanced diet, and i'll be honest there are times where I go completely off the rails with food but that's normal, everyone has off days yet these people seem to live the most perfect life and only eat the most expensive perfect food, it isn't realistic. It makes me feel pretty crap and i'm sure i'm not the only one, when I see vloggers filming 'What I Eat In A Day' videos and all they consist of is a smoothie, an apple and a small meal for tea, to me that isn't enough, it isn't the right thing to be showing young people. I watched one a few weeks ago of someone who is completely dedicated to a clean diet and she considered a fruit smoothie (not shop bought) a treat! To me a treat is a takeaway and loads of chocolate! 

I was really glad somebody had finally come out and done a program like this highlighting the issues of being so strict and promoting all of these different diets, some that claim to have scientific evidence behind them and then when questioned, refusing to answer the hard questions! That is dangerous, promoting a diet which apparently is backed up by science but on the show been proven to be a load of rubbish. Everyone is also promoting going Gluten Free, that also seems to be a big thing at the moment and why? Drs have said there is no need at all to cut gluten out unless you are intolerant to it and the actual amount that are is a very small number. There is nothing wrong with eating bread, there is nothing wrong with eating white potatoes, its just all about balance. A blogger that Grace met called Eve Simmons said she ended up in hospital due to extreme eating habits, if any carbs were in a recipe she replaced them with something else and over time lost 20% of her body weight and her organs started shutting down. It's scary what can happen if we don't look after our bodies properly and feed it the right things, yes it's good to be healthy, there is nothing wrong with wanting a healthy diet but you have to allow yourself to be lenient about it, there is nothing wrong with a treat every week. I am not going to punish myself for living my life and allowing myself treats and chips and bread, it would be a pretty unhappy life if I gave up all those things, it's just about not going overboard on either side, I like the 80/20 approach, be good 80% of the time and the other 20% eat what you want, that way when it gets the weekend I refuse to feel bad for enjoying some wine and chocolate or whatever I fancy. 

It was scary to see the way some people live and how little they eat, during the documentary but I feel it needed to be shown and show people that this clean eating craze isn't necessarily all it's made out to be and how dangerous it can be when it goes too far. If you haven't seen the documentary, it is available on BBC iPlayer. Definitely give it a watch!

Have you seen the documentary? What did you think?

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