Thursday, 18 August 2016

Food I Have Been Loving This Week #6

It has been so so long since I last did one of these posts (I think thats what I said in my last one too) and I have no idea why I stopped with them, I like reading posts similar to this to get some inspiration and maybe find things I haven't tried before so hopefully others will get something from mine.
Doughnut Peaches - I loved these last year but its something that you have to wait til Summer for so when they were available again this year I started grabbing them, I've been getting them from Asda as they do quite a big box of them for only 95p, they don't normally need as long to ripen as normal peaches so I get through them very quickly! I love having loads of healthy fruit in, especially over summer as that's when it all tastes even better than normal, the strawberries, peaches, nectarines etc, I love them all.

BaskinRobbins Ice Cream - The last few times we've been to the cinema we've had Ice Cream Sundaes and they are too good to not mention. The last time we went I had Rum and Raisin flavour ice cream and Chocolate, hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream and marshmallows, AMAZING! and the time before that I had Mint Choc Chip and Chocolate with whipped cream and nuts. They're are so many flavours to choose from and they all look so good, its so hard to choose! The American Birthday Cake one looks really nice so that might have to be one I go for next time.

All the Chiquitos Food - We've been to Chiquitos a few times now and I think its becoming one of our new favourites. When we went last month we had Sharing Nachos to start and then for our mains we got the street food, you can choose 3 for £12.95 or 6 for £23.95, we went for the 6 and chose Quesadillas Bites, Meatballs, Empanadas, Patatas Bravas, Pan Fried Chorizo and Halloumi Bites. I can't stop thinking about the halloumi, I had never tried it before but this was coated in breadcrumbs and a cranberry salsa and I can't even explain how nice it was.

Marks and Spencer Millionaires Mini Bites - These are just INSANE. I love them! We try not to go to Marks and Spencers too much as its a bit more expensive than other supermarkets but they do have some really nice treats. As we don't have an Asda or Morrisons near us, we normally end up getting a delivery from one of them and a top up from Aldi if we need anything else, but every so often after work we'll go to M&S if we've had a bad day or just want a few nice things, and these Millionaire Bites are something I want all the time! It's a mixture of rice crispies and shortbread and digestive bits with caramel on the top and then its coated in chocolate. The tubs are 2 for £4 so we normally get brownies too, last time we got them they were more like cake rather than a fudgey brownie and they were even better than they have been before!

Slimming World Nacho Feast - I think this is a favourite among a lot of Slimming Worlders, I have seen it on Instagram loads and I did make it myself a while ago, it had been ages and I needed to change some of the meals up so I made this last week and it was delicious. I love Chilli anyway but throw in homemade wedges too and top with cheese and its even better, so simple aswell, prepare and cook the wedges, along with the chilli and when done, lay the wedges on a dish, top with chilli then the cheese and bake for around 15 minutes when the cheese has melted and started to go a bit crispy. It doesn't look very pretty but tastes amazing!

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Isabel said...

Okay, now I'm hungry! And I have absolutely no ice cream in the house. :( x

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