Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Suicide Squad, Nerve and Tough Mudder...

I haven't done one of my Weekend Summary posts for a while so I thought it was about time, and this weekend was a really, really nice one so I wanted to write about it. 
Suicide Squad Photo, Tough Mudder Photo, Nerve Photo
On Friday night we went to see Suicide Squad, as it was only released that day it was so busy but it had been hyped up so much, we didn't want to wait another week or two. There have been quite a few bad reviews and people have been slating it but we both loved it, I would love to see it again actually and we'll definitely buy it on DVD. I loved that they showed parts of each characters story and what they did, I would love to see a film just on Harley Quinn and the Joker though as that one was really interesting, I really hope they make more films with all the characters, they can't stop at just one. 

On Saturday we didn't do much but went to do a food shop to get loads of treats for Sunday for when George got back from doing Tough Mudder. He went on Sunday morning and started around 9.15, having to do 28 obstacles I think he said, over 11 miles. When he got back he was covered in mud and he has bruises and scratches all over his arms and legs, I am so proud of him. They didn't skip anything and even managed to get up the obstacle Everest which looks so hard! I think he's planning on doing more in the future so hopefully one year I can go and watch. He's raised almost £200 too for Cancer Research UK! When he got back we had a chilled afternoon eating loads of snacks and I made a risotto for tea which I haven't made in ages! and I had made my Lemon Drizzle Cake for him too. 

On Monday we were back at the cinema, this time for an unlimited screening of Nerve. The trailer looked really good but I didn't know how amazing the film would actually be, I was so impressed though! I love Dave Franco (Ian) who was in it and Emma Roberts (Vee) was really good too. If you haven't heard of it before its about an online game of truth or dare, you have to decide if you are a watcher or a player, Vee decides to become a player and along with Ian they have to do dangerous dares to earn money and eventually all the watchers have to decide their fate. It was so tense and some parts I couldn't even watch, it is released in cinemas on the 11th so I definitely recommend going to see it!

Did you get up to much this weekend? Have you seen either Suicide Squad or Nerve?

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