Friday, 16 September 2016

The Prosecco and Strawberry Candle...

Ever see something in a shop that you love but for some reason just put back and then not stop thinking about? I've done that so many times and for me the last time that happened, it was because of a candle. A CANDLE! 
A while ago I saw this Strawberry and Prosecco Candle in Primark, only £2.50 but it was a busy Saturday so I wasn't about to queue up just for that, but then once I was out the shop I was already regretting not buying it. I just love candles and i'm always buying them but this one just smells gorgeous so most days I would think I really should have just bought it!
Luckily George managed to find one of the last ones last week, right at the bottom of all the candles so now I finally have it, I almost don't want to use it now because they'll probably never have it again. It is in a really cute tin, pink and gold design and is a really good size and its supposed to burn for 20 hours. I've always liked Primark candles, they're so cheap and it's nice to just pick up a few every so often, they always have loads to choose from so hopefully i'll find something like this again in the future! 

I'm not really sure why I did this post and I doubt it's still in shops but I'm a little obsessed with it. 

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